Monday, August 29, 2011

Jumping around, and a piece of American history

 N and I took these pictures in an underground parking garage just before the start of the weekend. Clearly I needed to RELEASE SOME ENERGY. We tried to get a good jumping shot but the failed ones were just as amusing. I had a good laugh over the weekend when I started watching some home videos of me at age 2...all I did was jump!

Speaking of this weekend, B and I got to see something really neat at my friend's parents' house. They were cleaning out her grandmother's house and found a American Civil War-era service medal with a picture of President Lincoln and a flag with 13 stars. They also have a medical ledger dating from 1865 from a doctor stationed at Fort Strong. I thought it was super-cool, B was over the moon with excitement. He's going to help them find a museum or other organization that can preserve these special items and put them (hopefully) in the public domain.

Skirt - Vertigo Paris via Winners  (also seen here)
Shirt - Gap (thrifted) (also seen here)
Tank - RW & Co. 
Necklace - Sportsgirl
Sandals - Thailand markets
Bracelets - Gifted


  1. I love this outfit of yours :)

    It reminded me a lot of 80s/90s when we wore jean shirts that tied up. Im slightly jealous of such a great piece of history you were able to see. It must have been so cool. To think that there are so many pieces of history just waiting to be uncovered. Amazing.

  2. I love cleaning old people's houses because you can find some of the coolest stuff. My grandma had a lot of this historical stuff when we cleaned out her house a few years ago.

    I love this outfit. You look comfortable but totally stylish.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Hi, you totally have the American Dream style going on, pretty ! :)


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