Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saturday night with my sista

My sister and I took these pictures one Saturday night when we dressed up to go out but ended up drinking wine and watching silly videos on YouTube instead. As it happens, there was a professional photographer nearby. He took an interest in my camera - which I confess I haven't played around with enough - and kindly offered to show us some tips. However, he wasn't familiar with all my camera menus and I wasn't much help in navigating them. So the lighting and focus are a bit off in some of these. Time for a hot date with my camera manual.

I thought this camera angle was kind of fun. It reminds me of a advertisement for razors.

Cami - Hand-me-down
Necklace - ? (Australia)
Bracelet - Witchery (Australia)
Shoes - Bandolino via Winners
Purse - from my grandmother's closet

I'll leave you with some pictures of my sister, J, who's as intelligent, athletic, caring and sincere as she is beautiful. Love ya J! (Notice our belt switcheroo?)




  1. Wow the pictures still turned out great! You girls look lovely :) Night photos are tricky!

  2. Great pictures! Your outfits are gorgeous! :)

  3. WOW,you both guys look amazing!!!

  4. omg, we have another set of betty and veronicas!!!
    total babes.


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