Monday, August 08, 2011

Purse strap works overtime

This is an outfit I wore a few months ago and never posted (the indoor pictures are your hint). I wanted to show these cropped trouser-style pants one last time. They've served me well but have acquired a large and stubborn mystery stain that has resisted all attempts to be removed - professional or otherwise. My friend's mom is going to try tailoring them into shorts after I bribed her with homemade lasagnas. In other unfortunate (and baffling) clothing news I lost the matching skirt for this suit jacket. I came to the conclusion I must have dropped it off at the dry cleaners before I moved to Australia and forgot to pick it up. On a happier note, I found the detachable strap on a purse of mine can do double-duty as a bracelet. You can replicate the look by weaving a length of ribbon through a chain necklace and wrapping it around your wrist. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Pants - Jacob (also seen here and here)
Tank - RW and Co. 
Jacket - Sharagamo via Winners
Scarf - NYC street vendor
Bracelet - Strap from purse
Earrings - Winners
Shoes - Thrifted (Naturalizer) (also seen here)


  1. Love the classy look! :)


  2. I hate it when clothes disappear! I tend to notice an item or two missing any time my sister has been in town....

  3. I love your blazer and scarf! Such a chic classic look. I love it! I gave you a blog award today:-) Stop by and check it out...

  4. Your trousers look so chic and lovely, I'm sorry that you lost the skirt to the suit jacket, I'm sure the ensemble looked really good. Nice thinking with the purse strap bracelet, it looks lovely, and hopefully the trousers will serve you well as shorts!


  5. I love the soft tones of your outfit. I've been searching for a blazer like that! Winners is definitely a 'hit & miss' kinda place, but I'm rather motivated to go there in search of one now.


  6. Love the gray and pink tones with your skin! Very savvy of you to use the purse strap as a bracelet - it looks great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Super nice outfit, I especially like the jacket. :)

  8. Lovely look I really like the bracelet.
    And I think its the lighting of the photos that makes my hair look different since I have never dyed it. Have a great day :)

  9. I love that you're going to give your pants new life as shorts! If only I had someone near me who was handy with a sewing machine that way. And the purse strap? Genius.


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