Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Barbie pink skirt

I've gone a little snap-happy this month in anticipation of having to pack away all my summer clothes. That means...lots of outfit posts in the next little while!

I'm happy that joining the blog world has open my eyes to the wonders (if not the smells) of thrift shopping. With my birthday approaching I decided my wardrobe needed an overhaul to better reflect my age. Between that and hearing informally that I'm up for a promotion (yay!), I've been on a couple of sprees. The mecca of Value Villages in Ottawa is the Bank Street location. $160 got me a giant bag of blazers, skirts, belts, tops, dresses...even a navy virgin wool coat which B declared to have a 'housecoat-esque quality' (I'll let you be the judge come winter). It feels selfish to buy only stuff for myself so I was thrilled to find a classic dress in my Mom's size from her favourite store that ended up fitting her perfectly :) Now I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban but I'm lining up thrift store dates with friends who want to get into it as well.

Two of my thrifted finds were this Barbie pink skirt, and grey blazer with faint pinstripes and white piping on the pockets. I like how the grey grounds the flashiness of the skirt. My camera battery died before I got any detail shots but you can see the camisole I wore underneath better in this post.

I'm not liking how the rolled cuffs look in these pictures. Oh well - hindsight is always 20/20. 

This picture is just...awkward.

Skirt - Thrifted (Love 21 by Forever 21)
Camisole - Hand-me-down
Blazer - Thrifted (Elie Tahari)
Booties - Thailand markets


  1. Very pretty colour of that skirt, and i love the grey and pink combination. you look great :)


  2. the pink skirt is cute but I loveeee those shoes you are wearing!!!

  3. I am getting on the thrift shopping bandwagon with you!
    first of all, you seem to find great things (i.e. I am hoping to have the same luck!)

    Second your outfits always look so put together and I love how you pair them up!

    I missed you wearing this outfit but I have to say its wonderful. great blazer!


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