Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ombre colours and a wildlife anecdote

In the past few months I've discovered a lot of mix-and-match possibilities from my closet by seeing things hung next to each other on my drying rack. Case in point: this ombre silk scarf with a striped-and-floral sheath in the same pink tones.

B and I spent a lovely weekend with my aunt, uncle and cousins at their cottage in Quebec this weekend. Luckily we decided not to heed advice on the route through Montreal - a concrete beam later collapsed onto the Expressway. This came on the heels of B and I clipping a black bear with the car a few days earlier! The bear had come tearing out of the woods in Gatineau Park, right into the path of the car. We hit it on the passenger side and the bear took a tumble into the ditch but thanks to B's quick braking the bear, car AND passengers all emerged unscathed. Thank God! To safe escapes, I raise a glass. (Rose, in keeping with the colour scheme). Hope everyone had a lovely - and safe - weekend. 


Dress - Hand-me-down (Olsen)
Scarf - Winners (also seen here)
Belt - Thrifted (Nygard)
Wedges - Clarks via Winners
 Earrings - Gifted
Watch - Gifted
Ring - Winners


  1. oh my goodness! that must have been a scare hitting the bear!

  2. Wow! That bear incident must have been so scary. You look beautiful and that is a gorgeous scarf you are wearing.


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