Friday, May 30, 2014

Wedding series

Well, our wedding has come and gone, leaving in its wake a jumble of happy memories and giddy reunions. It was a perfect day, the culmination of months of planning and anticipation. Our vision was for a romantic wedding with a sophisticated but unpretentious vibe, filled with personal touches, in a palette of dove grey, blush pink, ivory and gold. Seeing it come to life as we crossed the threshold into marriage, surrounded by people we adore, was the greatest feeling in the world.

I can't wait to share the details in a series of wedding-themed posts, leading up to the most touching moments from the day. 


{Our first names...revealed!}

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Going to the chapel....

Today I have the joy of walking down the aisle to marry the man I love with all my heart.

 In honour of our wedding day, I'm sharing my half of the vows we wrote to each other. While we can't use them for the ceremony, they still reflect the words we intend to live by:

I vow to be by your side through all the days and nights of our lives. I will share in your dreams, celebrate your triumphs and mourn your losses as though they were my own.

I will work with you to create a marriage of true partners, knowing that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone.

I take you as you are, loving who you are now and who you are yet to become. I promise to support you, appreciate you, comfort you, and above all love you, openly and unconditionally.

I will use your love and encouragement to nourish my soul and help me grow.

Before you asked me, my heart was yours. Without hesitation, I choose you, for today, for tomorrow, and forever. With these words, I marry you and bind my life to yours. 

Happy birthday sweetheart xx

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Sweaters in spring

This outfit saw me through a recent rainy and miserably cold spring day (sidebar: Enough with the crappy weather already!! My wedding is in 2 days!!) 

I drew inspiration from an earlier outfit (here) but replaced the flats with THESE AWESOME HEELS and ditched the turtleneck. I felt sexier, but I still froze at work. Canada, eh?

As for the belt, I decided I liked the look of buckle off-centre. Just because.


Sweater - Tristan via thrift store
Skirt - Carroll via thrift store
Shoes - Aldo outlet
Necklace - Jones New York via thrift store
Belt - The Limited

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Dressing down the dressy

I'm glad I gave this blouse and vest a second glance...and another chance to be worn together. I've tried pairing them up a few times over the years but they never quite felt right. I'd always change before heading out the door. 

This time a few tweaks helped me see them differently. What exactly? Skinny jeans in a black - rather than a blue - wash, for a more cohesive look. Hair worn up to show off the high neckline. Drop earrings in a modern shape that pick up the pink in the outfit. Rose gold strappy sandals with a metallic sheen to echo the lustre of the blouse. 

Photos don't do this outfit justice, especially the beautiful tailoring on the blouse. The blouse is one of my most cherished pieces in my wardrobe, and I'm happy that I've found a way to dress it down. Tucked in to a pencil skirt, it looks completely different (example here).

Do you ever return to combinations you want to work, to find ways to make it work?


Jeans - Guess via Winners
Blouse - Chanel
Vest - Calvin Klein
Earrings - Gift
Ring - Winners
Sandals - Nine West outlet

Thursday, May 01, 2014

A new take on a familiar silhouette

There's no doubt that skinny bottoms, tall boots, and a longer top peeking out from under a blazer is an effortless, go-to silhouette for me. This spring I invested in two items I've been lusting after for some time - a pair of faux leather leggings to replace a thrift store pair that no longer held their shape (a splurge) and a pair of marked-down leather combat boots, a steal at $50 (similar pair here). I can't pull off anything too clunky so these were a great find. 

The leggings and boots helped me take my usual hum-drum outfit in a new, edgier direction. It was perfect for a Saturday night dinner out. Do you have a go-to silhouette? How do you change things up?



Blazer - Banana Republic
Blank tank - Winners
Taupe tank - Dynamite
Leggings - Wilfred via Aritzia
Boots - Aldo
Bag - Danier Leather
Necklace - Claire's
Earrings - Zellers