Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween colours

I've mentioned that skirts are one of my hardest items to shop for, but I've surprised myself on a couple of occasions recently. A 50% sale at a secondhand store in Bratislava was not where I expected to find not one but two skirts: this rust-coloured, tulip-shaped H&M one, and a wool-blend bright yellow knit skirt made in Italy (tip: clothing made in highly-developed countries tends to be of a higher quality. Checking the tag is good practice). I happily forked over five euros, said 'Dakujem!' - the extent of my Sloviakian vocab -  and prayed the airline wouldn't lose my luggage before I had a chance to wear them.

I meant to wear my jacket and scarf for the photos N took, so I ended up taking a few extra shots at home.  The jury's in: I suck at self-portraits. All the photos came out super-dark so I had to edit the brightness rather gratuitously. I have a new-found appreciation for others who take their own photos. I also suck at remembering to wear a dark bra under a black shirt, so this post comes with a side serving of wardrobe malfunction. Trick or treat!

Jacket - Danier Leather
Scarf - Gifted from Turkey
Skirt - Thrifted (H&M)
Turtleneck - Jacob
Tights - Winners 
Shoes - Lela Rose for Payless
Bag - Leo Monk
Necklace - Aakriti Designs (also here)
Earrings - Gifted

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unexpected colour pairing for fall

For this post, I'm linking up with Something Old Meets Something New's Best Form of Flattery series. Amanda's outfit got me thinking about mixing Easter egg pastels with traditional fall colours, like burgundy. I came up with this look, which I personally concluded was just okay. On the other hand, it's a nice change from all the skirts and dresses I've been posting lately and I'm already thinking of other potential colour combinations.

I'm loving the buttoned-up-all-the-way look that's everywhere in the blogosphere these days, but I bought this shirt at H&M circa 2008 and it wasn't designed to be worn that way. Has anyone else encountered this?

Shirt - H&M
Sweater - Swapped (Joe Fresh)
Jeans - Superblue 
Necklace - Sportsgirl
Boots - Geox
Jacket - Danier Leather
Bag - Gifted from Ghana
Ring - Reitman's

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grapefruit and fennel salad

This salad combines licorice-scented fennel with sour hits of grapefruit and crunchy almonds. 

Peel and quarter one grapefruit, then cut into 1 inch sections. Set aside two pieces of grapefruit for salad vinaigrette. Wash and quarter 1/2 fennel bulb. Toast a handful of almonds, then coarsely chop.

To make vinaigrette, combine 2 T olive oil, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 pieces grapefruit and salt and pepper to taste.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Grilled pork and peach kebabs

I grew up in a household where we didn't eat much pork. Not for health reasons, not for religious reasons, for no good reason whatsoever. When I look back and see how many pork recipes I've posted on the blog, it makes me think I'm making up for lost time.

I love any kind of meat paired with fruit, especially fruit which I'm allergic to in raw form, like peaches. When I came across a recipe for skewers that combined pork and peaches, I knew I had to get them onto the dinner table pronto.

To make, cut two 1 lb pork tenderloins into large pieces. Quarter 8 peaches.
In a bowl, combine 1/2 cup maple syrup, 3 T grainy mustard, 1 T chopped rosemary, 1 T chopped thyme, 2 tsp chili lime pepper and 1 tsp salt. Add the pork and peach pieces to the marinade. 

Skewer the meat and fruit pieces onto wooden skewers (pre-soaked). BBQ or bake over medium heat, basting with remaining sauce until meat is cooked through.

The original recipe calls for cilantro as a garnish but I left it out.

Substitute chicken for pork.
Substitute apple for peaches. 
 Recipe source: LCBO BBQ Central

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Polka dots for an outdoor wedding

I'm back! We had a wonderful trip, coming home well-rested, well-fed and in awe of the charms of Eastern Europe. Thank you again to my guest posters for your inspiring remixes while I was away.

I wore this outfit for the afternoon wedding of one of my university roommates last month, which took place on a sun-drenched golf course. I had thrifted my Laundry by Shelli Segal silk polka dot dress (a size too big but impossible to pass up!) over the summer and couldn't wait to wear it. I played it up with red lipstick, pearls, a white and gold belt, gold clutch and slingbacks. I didn't get it in any of the pictures, but I also wore a long, slim neutral blazer with gold buttons. A more dramatic look could be created by adding extra pearl necklaces of varying sizes, large dark sunglasses, a head scarf and short lace gloves. Complete this look with a convertible or speedboat.

Dress - Thrifted (Laundry by Shelli Segal)
Belt - Thrifted
Clutch - Gifted
Necklace and earrings - Gifted
Ring - Gifted from Coach
Shoes - Guess via Winners

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guest post: Joy of Living's mustard cardigan and chambray shirt remixes

Kat: I've been following Savannah's blog Joy of Living for a couple of months. She's in that post-graduation phase where your life changes a lot and your style evolves along with it, something that's been fun to see. Her writing style is witty and easy to read, and she's great at layering jewellery, a skill I'd love to master. Don't forget to check out some of the newer features on her blog like her hair video tutorials!

Hello Lovelies! I'm Savannah from The Joy of Living,
I'm so excited to be guest posting for Kat today.
I love the idea of really versatile pieces for any wardrobe. Pieces
that can be worn all year long and with almost anything in a bunch of
different ways.

The most remixable piece I have is by far is my Mustard Cardigan.
For starters the color is amazing! Goes so well with any print or color
here are some different ways I've remixed this favorite of mine.

My other all time favorite piece is my Chambray shirt. 
Wear it alone, tied, as a jacket, under a sweater, over a dress, the
possibilities as you can see below are endless!

Both of these pieces are especially perfect during Fall when layering
is essential!
Thanks for checking out my post and if you would like to see more of my
style staples you can find me

Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest post: Tinfoil Tiaras's thrifted blue vest remix

Kat: Both in real life and on her blog, Emily strikes me as peppy, friendly and energetic gal who doesn't take herself too seriously. She's a thifty shopper who's not afraid of the occasional fashion risk and has honed her remixing ability by participating in challenges like the 30 for 30. Emily manages to come up with looks I'd never dream of, so lucky for us, she broke down the process in the outfits below. Check out Tinfoil Tiaras for more of Emily's style!

Hello everyone- it’s Emily from Tinfoil Tiaras here to show you how I mix, match and remix from my closet.  If you read my blog, you know I’m a big fan of colour so I thought what better item to remix than a bright blue leather Danier vest! I bought this vest for $15 at a vintage shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market area and I’m yet to wear it so I had fun trying out different looks that will hopefully translate into future outfits! 

One of my favourite fall trends is the monochromatic look because it’s simple yet chic.  While bright blue may not be everyone’s go to colour for autumn, to me there’s nothing better than bright colours on a cold and dreary day!  This is an example of an outfit that could take you from career to cocktails with minimal effort!
Vest- Danier (Thrifted); Dress- Gap; Bracelet- Macy’s; Heels- Garage Sale

As the temperature drops, we need to start layering (especially us Canadians!) What better way to layer than with comfortable jeans, an oversized sweater, sparkly flats and a pop of colour in the vest and hat! I would wear this outfit out for a weekend coffee (or in my case apple cider) or while running errands (because who says you can’t look good while grocery shopping!)
Vest- Danier (Thrifted); Jeans- Thrifted; Sweater & Hat- H&M; Belt- Ann Taylor Loft; Flats- Payless Shoes

My style usually veers more towards feminine silhouettes but sometimes I’m in the mood for an edgier look.  I love how the bright blue vest spices up the black outfit and the oversized earrings and peep-toe booties add just the right amount of sass! This outfit would be great for an art gallery opening or poetry readings (which I am yet to attend but is on my bucket list of must-try activities!) 
Vest- Danier (Thrifted);Top- Joe Fresh (Thrifted); Pants- Thrifted; Booties-Charlotte Russe; Earrings- AMH Style

Pattern Mixing
Pattern mixing can be a daunting task so a good way to start out is by separating the patterns (in this case florals and stripes) with a solid colour (the blue vest).  This way you’re easing into the trend without the abrasive feel of pattern on pattern.  The purple heels help to incorporate the colours from the floral blouse so the look isn’t lost. This would be a fun outfit to wear out for lunch and shopping with friends a la Sex and the City!
Vest- Danier (Thrifted); Blouse- Thrifted; Skirt- Gap; Heels- Suzy Shier

Feminine & Funky
I love the juxtaposition of pairing an edgy item (like this vest) with a frilly and feminine piece (like this white lace dress).  While this outfit would work better in spring or summer, it could be translated into fall and winter with the addition of tights and a chunky sweater.  Keeping the vest open directs your eyes to the accessories.  I would wear this out for date night or to a cocktail party.
Vest- Danier (Thrifted); Dress- Gifted; Necklace- Dragon Moon (Boutique in Perth, ON); Heels- Spring (Thrifted)

I hope you’re inspired to incorporate bright colours into your fall wardrobe, remixing as you go along... because there’s nothing better than finding fresh and fun ways to wear that neglected piece of clothing hiding under a pile of clothes at the back of your closet!    

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest post: Food Fashion and Flow's red dress remix

Kat: I didn't start incorporating a lot of saturated colour into my wardrobe until recently. LV's ability to pull off a rainbow of hues, sometimes in a single outfit, is an inspiration to me. Her whole blog is an instant pick-me-up. Fellow cooks and foodies, look out for LV's recipes and entertaining tips. She also reveals an introspective side through her poetry. Food fashion and flow - the title of her blog sums it up!

I love bold color and I thought that this little red dress was the perfect foundation for a bit of remixing. I have created three different looks with the same dress by simply switching up the accessories and shoes.

I think red looks great with Purple, so I created my first look with a beautiful statement necklace and a purple handbag and red Mary Janes. I added another element with a cute white sweater.

My Second look is a slight variation with a Black Cardigan, Leopard Handbag and Leopard Mary Janes.

My Third Look is fun and sassy with a colorful scarf, denim jacket and lace up boots.

Thank you so much to Kat for the opportunity to guest post on her blog. 

Love LV from Food Fashion and Flow

Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest post: The Closet Shopper's sheer floral blouse remix

Kat: Tracy's enthusiasm for this remix series was infectious. I'd asked my guest posters to remix an item a minimum of three ways but like me, Tracy was having fun and just kept going. The results were great and she came up with a impressive range of stylish outfits. Want to see more? Check out her blog, The Closet Shopper. **Psst** Want professional help with your wardrobe? Tracy also runs a fashion consulting business - check out her website here.

Hi you guys! My name is Tracy from The Closet Shopper. I’m so honored to be one of the mice chosen to play while Kat’s away. I adore her and her style, so I’m super excited to share this project of hers with all of you. 

Kat asked me to take one item and remix it three or more ways. At first I thought I could only do three outfits, but when I got started, I was surprised to find many more options. This was a great exercise in remixing for me. I mean, my business is named The Closet Shopper for a reason. My philosophy is based on shopping in your own closet to find lots of different ways to wear your current wardrobe. So, thank you, Kat, for this opportunity. I hope you’re having a wonderful vacation. 

I’ve had many clients tell me about purchasing what they thought was a great piece, only to get it home and figure out it didn’t go with anything in their closet. My response is, if you are about to buy something, visualize your current wardrobe, and if you can’t think of three different ways to wear it, don’t buy it. 

For my remix, I chose this sheer floral blouse from the Gap. 

I put together seven different outfits. I could have kept going. It was so much fun. I have a couple fancy options as well as casual, business and bohemian. Can you guys think of some other ways to wear this blouse? 

Here’s a rundown of all the items I’m wearing with the sheer blouse from Gap. 

1. Skirt and fishnets: Express, Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap, Clutch: Lorelei

2. Pants: J Crew, Vest: Banana Republic, Faux fur scarf: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: Nine West, Belt: Express, Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James.

3. Jeans: Rich and Skinny, Tank: J Crew, Shoes: Dani Black, Bag: Gap, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses: Rayban.

4. Pants: Express, Sweater: Asos, Hat: Gap, Necklace: Nordstrom, Clutch: American Apparel. 

5. Pants: Gap, Blazer: Theory, Shoes: Madison Harding, Clutch: LuLu’s, Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James.

6. Maxi dress: Asos, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Banana Republic, Sunglasses: Proenza Schouler.

 7. Leather jacket: Zara, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Apepazza, Sunglasses Proenza Schouler.