Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I promised to check back in on the state of my balcony plants - I'll let this sprig of basil speak for itself thankyouverymuch. August is my birthday month (psttt...the 25th) and also one of the best months for fresh produce. Corn, tomatoes, the discovery of helium, all kinds of good/random things happen in August.

When I think of tomatoes and basil, three things come to mind: caprese salad, bruschetta, and how hungry I just got. To make this bruschetta, I gently tossed 2 cups halved cherry tomatoes and a handful of chopped basil with 2 tsp minced garlic, a splash of balsamic vinegar and a good sprinkle of sea salt (as usual these are guesstimates, adjust to your preference). I spread the mixture on country-style bread, sprinkled some grated parmigiano reggiano on top and broiled for 1 minutes.

Omit the cheese and toast the bread on its own before adding the bruschetta topping.
Add chopped anchovies and capers.
Use roasted garlic instead of raw garlic.


  1. tHis bruchetta looks to die for!
    I love how youve kept the tomatoes more whole. I usually make mine so small....hmmm I think I may be recreating this over the weekend and posting about it.

    I like the idea of adding Capers!

    as for the woe is me whoa thats me comment : ) lol love that you picked up on it.

  2. Mmmm and this is vegetarian- you've inspired me! I think you should quit your day time job and be my live in ;)


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