Thursday, May 05, 2011

Swirls of pink and brown

The sheen in this chocolate tuxedo blazer makes it easy to dress up - as with this silk skirt and these pointy-toed kitten heels - or down with jeans or shorts. Despite the lightweight fabric, I've found I can wear this skirt through the fall by adding on heavier extras - like boots, a leather jacket and cream-coloured scarf or sweater. By the way, I do not endorse these shoes, too pointy = not comfy. But they match nicely and I sit in a chair and walk around a carpeted office most of the day so my feet aren't suffering too much. I wear 'sensible shoes' to and from work, even though I told myself back in university I would never become one of those people. That old me would probably be equally horrified to learn how quickly a quiet Friday night, curled up with a book and cup of tea, would start to seem appealing...Tell me, what your 5-years-ago self be surprised to learn?



  1. Oh I love the outfit!

    And my current self would tell me old self: hey, calm down, don't be so stressed out!


  2. I love your blazer and skirt and your hair looks great pulled up like that! Oh dear when i take the bus to work I wear sensible shoes as well and I'm only 23!

  3. cute skirt and blazer! funny about the sensible shoes. my friends told me a long time ago that someday i would wear comfy shoes and that comfort would be more important than style. sometimes it's true but i still love wearing heels. love.

  4. Thank you for the comments
    Mizdragonfly - well-put!
    Tinfoils - I hear you, if I'm stuck standing I can't keep my balance so I'll sacrifice heels for non-sprained ankles anyday
    Claire - There's something about heels that just make you feel more confident and sexy. I don't think that will ever change.

  5. classy outfit, love your accessories!

  6. This is fantastic! I've been getting behind on your blog! I love that this has turned into so much more than just a couple times a month posting!


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