Saturday, May 07, 2011

Classic navy sheath

I decided to start a new approach in this post and got rid of the collages. The pictures were just too small and frankly, this way saves me a lot of time and is easier to edit if needed. I hope you like it!

So, you know when you go to a fitting room with an armful of clothes and you've tried on just about everything in the pile and NOTHING is fitting right or looking flattering or priced right or otherwise working out...and then that last piece, which also happens to be 50% + off, suddenly makes you say YES!!! without hesitation. Well, that was my experience with this dress. I loved the royal blue colour, which reminded me of something Kate Middleton might wear, with better hair - and bling. I also thought the shoulder and waist detailing was adorable . And here's the kicker, it's stretchy and comfortable. Like SUPREMELY, I-could-wear-this-to-bed comfy. I think they used the same material as sweatpants while managing to make this dress look tailored and classic. Joseph Ribkoff for Laura, I (heart) you for designing something that will see me through long meetings and big lunches.

Clearly, we were having lighting issues.
B's a doll for taking my not-at-work pictures and I didn't want to
make him do this all night.

An ECU (extreme close-up) of a gold and silver
hammered-metal ring with crystals that I wear all the time.

Dress – Joseph Ribkoff (Laura)
Blazer РLimit̩ (Topshop)
Necklace - Gifted
Ring – Gifted from Winners
Earrings – Gifted
Shoes – Jessica Simpson


  1. I love the colour and cut of this dress on you and I like your new format- now I can see the outfits better. I also love your shoes- I've been wanting to buy a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes for a while!

  2. Loving this dress. Its all in the details :)

  3. Navy is a gorgeous color on you and the shape of the dress only exemplifies it's beauty.

    I can see why you would favor the cape and I know it would look gorgeous on you. I'll email you back with the details.

    And Kat, it's truly lovely to "meet" you. :)


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