Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The 20 best photos from our wedding

These photos, a mix of shots taken by our photographer Anthony and by friends, need no introduction. Simply put, they capture the beauty, happiness and love of the day.


Vendor review: Photolux Studio, Ottawa

Booking a photographer was a tricky process. Neither Brad nor I knows much about the technical aspects of the business, so were reliant on sales pitches, face-to-face meetings, online research, promotional material and word-of-mouth. We first met Photolux at a bridal show and I later connected their work to a wedding we had attended a few years ago and the stunning photos they had produced. Our trepidation was that even the basic package was more than we'd budgeted. We kept them in the back of our mind as we met with five other photographers. After every meeting, we came away hesitant about something - a lack of experience shooting weddings, a price point, an arrogant attitude.

The friend who gifted us our stationery had chosen Photolux for her own wedding, and practically begged us to take the money we'd saved on the invitations and book with them. So we did. We requested Anthony in particular, on the tip of a very kind photographer from a competing studio. As soon as we'd completed our engagement photo shoot, we knew we'd made the right decision. 

Anthony and his assistant were personable and very efficient. The guys loved him because he gave very specific direction and cues. The priest was happy that he was discreet at the church and dressed appropriately. And we loved the results! The proofs were ready very quickly, within days of the wedding. 

If I have one quibble, it's that I would have liked more detail shots. (Granted, that may not be important to all brides). The only photo I have showing the back of my updo was one my sister requested he take. I have tons of photos of the seating chart, but none of the gift table or tall vase arrangements at the reception hall. Many of the photos I've shown in this wedding series have been cropped by me to focus in on a specific element. 

Overall though, we are both very, very happy with our decision to book Photolux. Their reputation in Ottawa precedes them, and for good reason. In fact, you might even have a piece of their work on you right now. Have a look at that Canadian $5 bill in your wallet. Yup, those kids playing hockey were shot by Anthony!

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