Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cute and comfy sweats for summer road trips

I've logged a lot of time on the road this summer (six straight weekends, to be exact). Long car rides call for clothes that are cute enough for truck station pit stops but cozy enough for curling up in your seat watching the landscape roll by. I've been wearing variations on this outfit: hat, sweatpants, comfy cotton layers on top, ballet flats or sandals and a travel mug.

On a recent trip to Syracuse, I bought these sweatpants from BCBG and loved them enough to get them in both navy and grey. Five years ago that would've seemed a little rich but already feel I've gotten my money's worth because THEY DIDN'T SHRINK (your turn, J Crew pajama designer). They're not completely shapeless and wonderfully, luxuriously soft. There's nothing like getting home from work and pulling a pair of these on. At about $45 a pop from the outlet store, they weren't cheap but not outrageous either. If they last the 10 years my previous pair did, they'll be worth every penny.

I like that this outfit is also reflective of my more casual side, which I don't always show on the blog. Another peek into the real me? We took these photos in my childhood park, which may explain my sudden urge to hop on a swing or set up an impromptu game of soccer baseball. 

This weekend we are celebrating our friends' wedding, taking place at a zoo (how fun is that?!). The bride is 9 months pregnant and has been remarkably chill about everything...but send good vibes that the baby stays inside for another couple of hours!!


Sweatpants - BCBG
Short sleeve tee - French Connection
Long sleeve tee - Michael Stars via Sak's Off Fifth
Fedora - Forever 21
Sandals - Ann Taylor
Bag - Dooney & Bourke

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