Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hakuna matata

Deciding what to wear to a wedding taking place at a zoo was surprisingly easy - my flowy jungle-print maxi dress. I added a green stone earrings-and-pendant set handed down to me from my grandmother. A coral clutch and toenail polish picked up more of the colours in the print on the dress. It was a hot and humid day so I kept my hair off my face in a stylized tri-pony inspired by Blake Lively (see the inspiration photo here). 


Hakuna matata is a Swalihi phrase meaning 'no worries'. It was popularized by The Lion King movie.

You have to be hakuna matata to get married with a baby belly that looks like this! To everyone's relief, their baby girl did not make her arrival until five days after the wedding. 

There were lots of cute animals at the zoo, like this alpaca....

Or these giraffes.

Monkey faces!

A short sleeve knit cardigan kept me warm through dinner.

Dress - Ted Baker outlet
Cardigan - Veronika Maine (most recently here)
Earrings and pendant - grandmother's closet
Bracelets - Aldo accessories and Toronto boutique
Clutch - Coach
Pumps - Guess
Sunglasses - Winners


  1. You are an adorable monkey face maker! <3 And that dress is just perfect on you!!! I really like it with that necklace too. You wear so many colors so well, Kat-- colors that I wouldn't even dream of wearing! (aka that cardi!)

    1. Thanks! Every once in a while I try to convince myself I should stick to sophisticated neutrals, but then a comment like this will convince me otherwise!

  2. yowza! that is a great outfit for the occasion!


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