Friday, July 11, 2014

A look back: the awesomest moments (part 1 of 2)

(This is the second-to-last post in my wedding series.)

Wedding planning and weddings themselves are full of unexpected or lighthearted moments. These are some of my faves.


Not taking ourselves too seriously during our entrance.

Laughing until our sides hurt during the obligatory roasting of the groom.

My girlfriends writing down their wedding dress predictions and dropping them in our envelope box.

S’s dress matching the bathroom walls.

The sheer randomness of some of the reply cards.

Becoming the newest member of the sisterhood of the travelling garter. 
Total weight: 40g
Becoming the newest member of the sisterhood of the travelling bridal magazines. 
Total weight: 56.8 pounds

{Photo credit}

Making a birthday beer cake for delivery to the boys at the hotel.

Ordering an entirely-edible Indiana Jones birthday cake from my baker friend for a post-wedding brunch.

Sunglasses. Because, why not?

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