Friday, October 04, 2013

Summery coloured denim for fall

This outfit felt like it breathed new life into my yellow denim, allowing me to transition it into fall, instead of relegating it to a Rubbermaid storage bin with my other summer clothes. I also liked this hairstyle - a French bread with the tail piece twisted into a bun at the nape of my neck and pinned in place. This would work well for anyone with very fine hair like mine.


Jeans - Forever 21 (last seen here)
Top - Vila via Winners (also here)
Blazer - Banana Republic
Shoes - Guess via Winners
Belt - Mexx
Earrings - Hand-me-down


  1. This is definitely a great way to wear your yellow denim into fall by pairing it with darker colors. Your hair looks really pretty too!

    I also wanted to just say that I appreciate all your thoughtful comments too. They really mean a lot and are very much appreciated!

    1. i want to second the thank you for your thoughtful comments, I always look forward to reading them :)

  2. i think you've transitioned the jeans well, I love seeing people wearing coloured denim in the fall and winter, it's refreshing because most people are wearing dark colours.

    i also am a big fan of the pattern on your shirt!

  3. I know that yellow is considered a spring/summer colour but for me it always seems more fall-esque... maybe because it reminds me of leaves. I think these jeans are beautiful for fall; they work wonderfully with your jacket and blouse. I could see them working well with a dark red or burgundy top, too.

  4. I just have to say that I love this top, it reminds me of one Tibi did a few years ago that was stunning. I also love how ladylike you made the yellow denim look, you always manage to make trendy items look classic. (The hair is quite lovely as well, you're making me wish I hadn't chopped mine off!)


I genuinely enjoy reading everyone's comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!