Friday, October 11, 2013

Egg McRye

I love waking up well-rested on a Saturday morning, then making a hearty breakfast before starting on housework, or heading out to run errands or to the gym. I find it sets the tone for an awesome day. A protein-and-berry smoothie later, plus a nap and some downtime catching up on blogs, is usually enough to catapult me to dinnertime and Saturday night socializing.

When I'm too famished to wait until B gets up and makes his famous scrambled eggs, some variation of this breakfast sandwich is my go-to. I start with toasted light rye, spread with grainy mustard. Then, some sharp cheddar melted on top. After that, 3 slices of cooked turkey bacon. Followed by baby spinach and sliced mushrooms sauteed in 1 tsp of butter until spinach is wilted and mushrooms just browned. I top 'em off with a pair of poached eggs, and a dash of pepper. What's on YOUR weekend breakfast menu?


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  1. I've never been much of a breakfast girl. I find I'm most productive in the morning so, after my workout I like to get straight to work without much fuss - breakfast is usually a yogurt. But my weekend treat is going out for breakfast on Saturday; I most often go for pastry, maybe it's my inner French girl! This does look delicious, though :)


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