Monday, October 21, 2013

A refreshed layout, and a minor fashion miracle

I'm excited to present my new blog layout, designed by the wonderful Laura of The Blog of Worldly Delights. A second glance was sorely in need of a refresh, and I'm super grateful to Laura for helping me bring my ideas to life.

This week was also home to a minor fashion miracle - after something like five years, I found a pair of boots to fit my narrow calves. Hallelujah! I'd even tried and failed with an online order from a UK company that specializes in narrow calf boots. That pair fit through the calves, but was way too wide in the ankle.

The model I finally landed on was the Blondo Verga. My winter boots, the Blondo Snowtrails, are by the same Quebec-based company so I already knew the quality would be great. The shaft is elasticized waterproof rubber and the boot portion is a beautiful leather with a sturdy rubber sole. Good for Canadian weather! My only quibble is that the  inside back of one boot's been rubbing against my ankle; I'm going to try adding some cushioning.


Leggings – Madonna via thrift store
Bronze tank – Sportsgirl
Cardigan – Tommy Hilfiger via outlets
Vest – Calvin Klein via Winners
Faux fur scarf – Thift store
Print scarf – Thrift store

Boots – Blondo 
Bag – Chloe via thrift store 
Earrings – Le Chateau


  1. Laura did a great job on the layout! It's perfect and suits you very well. Glad to hear you found a new pair of boots and I am loving the layering of the paisley scarf and fur! Very nice :)

  2. That's awesome you were able to find boots that fit so perfectly! They're super cute.
    Love your new blog design!

  3. kat, you radiate elegance! the whole outfit is a stunner. hooray for you finding the boots. i know you've been searching so long.


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