Monday, April 01, 2013

No sign of spring

These pictures were taken the third week of March; look how high the snowbanks are! 

I wore this to a fundraiser with my friend G. Someone brilliantly decided to market it as a 'Dessert Extravaganza'. Trading dinner for cupcakes and other petits fours sucrés? Sign me up! Facetiousness aside, the fundraiser was organized by the Ottawa Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society. Cancer has afflicted both our families so this was a cause dear to us. I was not as deep-pocketed as most of the (surgically enhanced) attendees but judging by the fierce bidding over a Chanel purse during the live auction, a lot of money was raised. Yay!

The drive to the event took us along the Ottawa River, and just before sunset. G gamely navigated the puddles to get these shots. On a related note, G has toyed with the idea of starting her own blog, perhaps writing about her experiences as a mom and wife. I've been encouraging her because I've found being in the blogging community so positive. If you guys have words of wisdom or advice for G, leave them below!


Jacket - Danier Leather
Scarf - Winners
Shirt - Trf via Laura (also here)
Pants - (most recently here)
Shoes - Thrifted (Aldo)
Bracelets - Hand-me-down and Toronto boutique
Earrings - Claire's


  1. Your top is so feminine and pretty! The colors are gorgeous against the snowy backdrop.

    Your friend G should definitely start a blog. As a mom we sometimes lose ourselves and it's a fun hobby to do something for you! Heather

  2. We had a TON of snow last Monday -- like 10 inches-- and it's all gone now. But it's still cold. Hopefully all the snow melts at your end of the rainbow soon, so Spring can finally usher itself in! ;)

    LOVE that top!
    ♥ laura
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  3. Super pretty top! And the snow's GOTTA go.

  4. I can practically see you shivering in these photos, Kat, and I totally sympathise! The sun is finally starting to show up regularly in Paris but it's still freezing cold (at least by my Vancouverite standards.) I went out with bare legs yesterday to take blog photos and for the first time ever, I could actually see goosebumps in the shots... I was back in tights within ten minutes! But I'm glad I'm not the only one who occasionally suffers for their blog :) I'm glad you shared this lovely look, these cream trousers fit you like a dream!

  5. kat, you look positively radiant! these photos are gorgeous. cancer has affected some loved ones in my life too. :( glad money was raised. as far as blogging, G should stay true to herself, whatever that is, or means. :)

  6. I am ready for winter to be OVER. I mean done. and I feel live have been pretty patient lol. Im all about embracing new bloggers within the community it such an amazing space to be yourself....even if in the end its only you who reads it!

  7. love your eye makeup here! suits you well


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