Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two year blog anniversary: chronicling my 10 favourite dishes

To mark the two-year anniversary of 'a second glance', here are ten of my favourite recipes. Narrowing down the list was hard! But you can see some of my other favourites, denoted with a , in the Recipe Index


A drink that warms from the inside out on cold days.

The heat of scotch bonnet peppers offsets the sweetness of the grilled pineapple.

Slow cooking takes time but patience pays off with these scrumptious crostinis.

This salad packs fresh flavour, like sweet baked pears and crunchy pomegranate seeds.

This broccoli salad with a creamy-tangy dressing is a long-time family favourite.

Slow cooking with olive oil and balsamic vinegar elevate ordinary peppers.

A lowly vegetable is given the gourmet treatment with maple and Grand Marnier.

You can count the ingredients on one hand, and each one shines.

This stew evokes the heady and exotic flavours of North Africa

This moist cake is slathered with a lick-your-fingers tasty icing


  1. kat, happy 2 years of great cooking and sharing! :)

  2. nice! How did you get your rice to look like that by the way?

    1. I packed it tightly in a measuring cup and turned it upside down, like a sand castle!

  3. MMMM I really want to make that pineapple salsa and black bean dip when the weather warms up!


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