Thursday, January 31, 2013


Let's face it. For all the talk of coquettish snow bunnies and cuddling up by roaring fireplaces, January is a pretty unsexy month. Normally I'd say it's just as bad as November, except I was told that November is the biggest baby-making month of the year so it's got something going for it. So, January. Wedged in between NYE and Valentine's Day, it's full of buttoned-up-to-there layers, clunky footwear and staticky hat hairBo-ring!

I'm not usually one for overtly sexy looks but I felt like channelling my inner Dolce and Gabbana with a black corset when I B and I went out to dinner last weekend. I had to add a cardigan and pashmina to my pencil skirt and heels because there's only so much you can do when it's -30C. But celebrating over steak in a plush velvet banquette seat in a beautiful carved-wood dining room with, yes, a roaring fire nearby and my hubby-to-be by my side, I felt just right. I'd love to know - have you ever tried peekaboo lingerie?


Corset - La Vie en Rose
Cardigan - Tommy Hilfiger via outlets
Pashmina - Gift
Skirt - Zara (most recently here)
Belt - The Limited
Hosiery - Costco
Shoes - Aldo (DIY colourblocking) (also here and here)
Clutch - Gift
Necklace and earrings - Gift


  1. This is a gorgeous look. It's not overtly sexy at all,just enough va-vavoom! Your pashmina looks really pretty paired with the all black. Heather

  2. Ooh I looooove the corset. You look amazing!

  3. somebody's looking sexy in january, and it isn't me. you do look fantastic kat. november in texas is awesome the weather is perfect. january in texas, has been far too cold. boo!

  4. Underwear as outerwear has never been in my comfort zone, but lately I'm becoming more and more interested in trying it, and its looks like this one that convince me it can be done in a very classy and stylish way. Without looking closely, I wouldn't neccessarily have realised you were wearing a corset - but when I did look and caught all of the details, it was a pleasant surprise that added an extra something to your ensemble :)

  5. Hah, I'm going to have to agree with you, since when are snowpants sexy? (It just doesn't work.) This is such a beautiful corset, there's something very unexpected and sexy about wearing a corset as outerwear and I love how you took it in the sexy secretary direction with the skirt and the cardigan.

  6. very sexy outfit, perfect for a date night! I think the underwear as outerwear inspired looks are fun (and as you've shown paired with the right thing it's not overly in your face). I haven't tried anything too over the top other than a colourful bra strap peeking out or a semi-sheery t-shirt.


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