Monday, January 07, 2013

Boxing Day shopping adventures

Three cheers for a maxi skirt whose silky texture and dusty rose colour will allow year-round wear. Plus the pockets let me change up my trusty hand-on-hip pose. It didn't photograph very well, but it drapes nicely in person and makes a cool swish when I walk.

I bought it, along with a cute jumpsuit, at Zara on Boxing Day. I managed to skip the 40-person deep lineup for the fitting rooms by trying both on over skinny jeans and a tank, but then queued for 20 minutes with my cousin to pay for our items. It was only when I got to the cash that I saw a tiny solitary sign by the register saying all sales were final. Wait, what??! I couldn't even spot the sign from the line to pay because of all the people milling around. I was a little nervous about having tried both pieces on so hastily but I decided to go ahead. I was suffering a full-blown cold, exasperated and kind of regretting hitting the mall. Luckily I still loved them when I got home, but I was disappointed that Zara was not more forthcoming with the final sale bit. All the other stores having final sales were plastered with giant posters you couldn't miss from a mile away. I know it's my responsibility to see the sign, but you couldn't help but get the impression they were being deliberately deceptive. So that's a bit of a black mark in my books. Have you had any note-worthy experiences (good or bad) with Zara?


Skirt - Zara
Sweater - L'Equipe via Winners
Blazer - H&M
Booties - Sirens
Earrings - Gift


  1. The skirt looks lovely on you. You are tall and thin enough to wear the look well. I've always liked Maxis but will wait until spring to see if they are going to continue to live in my closet. I started feeling like they make me look dumpy!

  2. I like that skirt! I almost bought the same one last week, but after waiting in line for a change room, finally trying stuff on then deciding to get the other colour I gave up because they were re-arranging the store and I couldn't find where they moved the skirts too. I have mixed feelings about zara. They have cute things but regular priced stuff is overpriced.

  3. Looking good! That's so frustrating about the sign at Zara.. Nothing makes me more mad, especially on a day like Boxing Day where you pretty much have zero patience anyway.

  4. I've lusted over Zara pieces from afar (I like to try stuff on before I buy, and there are no Zaras close to where I live) Sad face. And that skirt is pretty especially with the belted cowl top! I've rarely heard of stores having all sales final policies, especially with a store that big. Or if they did, then they should have signs all over the store. How disappointing and yeah, sounds kinda deceptive too.

  5. i quite like that look, but not that policy! grrrr.

  6. Happy New Year, Kat! It looks like you did well on Boxing Day - the sales in Europe on start today, so I haven't gotten any amazing deals yet and have just been lusting after everyone else's. I absolutely love your feminine maxi, and pairing with chunky booties was the perfect choice :)

  7. I love maxi skirts in winter time, I think they look so cool with boots and booties and I love this whole outfit! (Yet another I'm saving for inspiration now. If I had a pintrest account, it would be filled with your outfits.) I really like the sleek turtleneck over the maxi, it looks so graceful and yet just a little boho with the boots.

    I've never shopped at Zara so I really cant speak towards their policies, but we did have a store up here a while ago that did things like that. They wont even have signs up or tell you that something was final sale, it'd just say it in tiny print on the sales recite. Very shady.


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