Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is the last of my 'summer outfit' posts and also the last photo of my stolen blazer/pins (sniff). We have a sweetheart of a cleaner in our condo building who asks me every time I see him if I've recovered it yet. He looks so crestfallen when I say no. He's obviously a recent immigrant and for the longest time B and I referred to him as 'OK'. His English has since improved, but that used to be his reply to everything. 'Good morning!' 'OK!' 'Have a great day' 'OK!', followed by a throaty laugh. His cheery attitude is as much a pick-me-up as these bright colours. 

Who - or what - brightens your day?




Skirt - DKNY outlet
Top - DKNY outlet
Blazer - Banana Republic outlet
Shoes - Nine West outlet
Earrings - Gift
Brooches - Thailand market


  1. This is such a classic, lovely look! I would love to wear something like this to work. That is so cute the cleaner is a nice guy. We have a custodian at work like that who is just so sweet! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  2. You always look so chic and classy Kat! The cobalt and white is beautiful together and the brooch was the perfect addition. My girls, husband and dog put a smile on my face in the morning :)

  3. bright colors definitely brighten my day! I also love your silver sandals! It's hard to find metallic shoes that don't look like they belong only in the red light district ;)

  4. I must have missed something somewhere along the way - your blazer and pins were stolen? How upsetting! Especially since they were such a beautiful pair and the blazer fit you so perfectly :( At least you got one last set of photos before you lost them, this is definitely one of my favourite looks of yours - everything is perfect, especially the metallic shoes!

  5. Gorgeous look! That blazer is amazing, it was stolen? That's awful!

  6. completely lovely you, in your crisp white and bright blue with the hint of flowers! kat, maybe you'll find a new blazer that you like even better than the old one? well, a girl can dream. that's cute about the ok guy.


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