Monday, September 30, 2013


I titled this post in the literal sense, but I guess it applies figuratively too. The pants and top are from a consignment store and a clothes swap, respectively. The bolero blazer is part of a Calvin Klein ensemble. You can see it worn with its matching sheath dress here. I love the cut of the blazer but it's tricky to style on its own. I've also worn it with a slim fitting tank, skinny jeans, boots and layered necklace for a night out. Do you ever break up matching sets? If you have other style ideas for me, I'd love to hear them - leave a comment below!


Blazer - Calvin Klein via Winners
Blouse - Banana Republic via clothes swap
Pants - BCBG via consignment store
Booties - Old Navy
Necklace - ?
Bracelet - Hand-me-down
Earrings - Laura


  1. cropped blazers and sweaters that have a bit of a flare to them are tricky to style. I have a similar sweater and I always struggle to style it. I think you`ve made this blazer work in this outfit!

  2. Love how you styled the cropped blazer! They're hard to style sometimes. I would probably pair it with a high waisted pencil skirt.

  3. i caught onto your high low title immediately. i've had that same problem with short jackets. kat that's a classically sophisticated outfit! i find it more interesting when people break up their sets and show the multitude of options. :)


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