Thursday, August 29, 2013

Double the trouble

I need another gift of olive foccacia bread. I've been unlucky twice now with theft. Someone nicked this blazer from our condo's party room when Nini and I stepped out onto the adjoining patio for a moment to snap pictures of another outfit. The entire area is only accessible to residents and their guests, so it felt close to home. I put up a sign (you know, of the lost puppy variety), out of desperation more than any genuine hope that I'll see it again. 

It feels doubly bittersweet that I only got the chance to wear it a handful of times, and I lost some colourful leather flower pins I'd bought in Thailand along with it. I haven't found a replacement anywhere, but Nini - who felt so badly when she heard - is going to keep an eye out for a similar version she saw at H&M next time she's in Toronto. Sigh. Here's hoping the person spills red wine all down the front the first time they wear it.


Dress - Gorman (last seen here)
Blazer - Banana Republic outlet
Shoes - Vince Camuto outlet
Necklace/Earrings - Thrifted
Earrings - Gift


  1. That's horrible! We had bikes stolen out of our front yard and it was such a violation. You look beautiful in this outfit!

  2. Oh freaking hell no! :( That is just so awful! Who would even nick a blazer? I hope that it was just picked up by accident and that someone brings it back soon! :(

  3. Wow, that really sucks that someone would steal your blazer. I hope you are able to replace it. I know how it feels to lose something you really adore. You look gorgeous in this outfit and I love the cut of this blazer.

  4. kat, what a lovely summer outfit! i bet you are so frustrated with the stealing. i would be. i mean wtf? right? it's totally wrong and unfair. boo to them.


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