Saturday, December 01, 2012

Grey tweed and orange

 We're back into taking indoor photos at work. Cue the artificial lighting and self-conscious poses. Oh well, c'est la vie! 

This weekend I'm off to Toronto for a jam-packed couple of days of visiting with some of my besties. Yay! I'm picking up my sister en route and can't wait to get some quality time with her during the drive. But after three consecutive weekends of travel and a busy stretch at work, I'm equally excited to spend the last few weeks leading up to Christmas at home. What are your holiday plans?


Dress – RW&Co. (also here)
Shirt – H&M
Shoes – Liz Claiborne
Necklace – Road Trip via sample sale


  1. looking chic dear kat! have a fantastic time. :)

  2. dawn suitcase vignetttes2 December 2012 at 20:53

    Kat, nothing here looks staged or contrived, very cute photos. I love your statement necklace and your color combo. Perfect necklace for this outfit. Have a great time with your sis...sounds so fun!!

  3. Kat, the outfit is lovely and so is the pose!!! I still hate taking my own photos. I thought by now I would be used to it!

  4. I love that burnt orange and the beautiful statement necklace (Roadtrip is such a neat place!) I can't wait as this will be my first Christmas in Ottawa and I'm hosting my Mum & Step-Dad!

  5. Have fun in Toronto, love that city :) you look very elegant and polished in this outfit - very work appropriate!

  6. I love this look and you already know how much I love orange. Very stylish and perfect for work.

  7. A very professional look - love this!


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