Friday, July 22, 2011

Everybody, Everywear: Return of the thrifted It Bag

(Sorry this post is longer than usual - please bear with me for my first-ever blog rant)

This Chloe Paddington bag, bought for a mere $11 at Value Village, is the shopping equivalent of finding a unicorn. That is, if you could put the unicorn in the back of your car and take it home with you. After spotting this gem gathering dust at the very back of the store, I guarded it like a hawk until I got to the cashier. A likely unnecessary precaution, given that I was only person in the store who didn't look like they had witnessed the end of WWII first-hand. It seemed fitting to use it for Everybody, Everywhere's special Thrift edition - an idea I've really come to support.

Lately I've been reading article after article about record levels of household debt in North America. OK and maybe occasionally indulging in TV shows like Til Debt Do Us Part. After all, it's good to get your news from a variety of sources. But seriously, I'm a little alarmed. I know there are many working poor who struggle to make ends meet and don't have the choice but to extend themselves. On the other hand, I'm noticing that for many of my peers, the value of money seems to be a foreign concept.

I'm grateful to my teacher and parents for teaching me financial literacy and to my friends, who share the same values as me. Clothes and food are by far my two biggest indulgences, but I've tried to be fairly reasonable about my spending. Building up my wardrobe has been a gradual process, in line with increases in my income. My number 1 rule is don't spend what you can't afford, and that includes not blowing my savings either. I look for a good quality-to-price ratio, consider how long I'd need to work to pay for something (after-tax!!) and exercise restraint until I see a good deal. I rarely covet a specific item, instead buying things a bit more sporadically and hoping it all comes together in the end. 

One exception was a military-style vest, an item I'd been passively looking for for a couple of months. I finally found this Calvin Klein one at 40% at Winners.  I loved the idea of its versatility - it could be worn with everything from a floaty printed dress in summer, to a cowl-neck sweater, skinny jeans and boots in winter or a sharp skirt, button-down shirt and scarf for work. The neutral colour plays off virtually any hue and I love being able to swap out the fabric belt it came with.

I'd love to hear - what's your take on this post?

Leggings - ?? (Winners)
Shirt - H&M
Vest - Calvin Klein via Winners
Brogues - Libby Edelman via The Bay (also seen here and here)
Belt - Thifted (Nygard)
Necklace - Thrifted (Jones New York)
Watch - hand-me-down from my Dad's closet
Sunglasses - Joe Fresh via Loblaws
Bag - Thrifted (Chloe) (also seen here)

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  1. That yellow bag is fabulous and I love those shoes!

  2. Gorgeous outfit, that bag is so lovely!!

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  3. I love all of this! For starters, I am a HUGE fan of bright colors, so I'm of course obsesses with the bag. And I'm a sucker for stripes. Thanks for this outfit idea!

  4. That bag is amazing! Can't believe you thrifted it! Thats amazing!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  5. your outfit is amazing but sorry to tell you that bag is a counterfeit, that's why it was $11 in a thrift store. check out the purse forum or caroldiva to get proof if you want, but it's a fake fake fake.

  6. love that vest!. i've been looking for one for months but no "winners" here...and the brogues are so fun as well.

  7. Love your vest! I bought a similar one from Old Navy for a great price!

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  8. I think that vest AND that bag were the finds of the century. I know that feeling of being at t thrift store and thinking, "omg, nobody knows that this is an expensive item." and then feeling like you are going to get in trouble when they figure it out. haha

    So, the vest is darling and an investment. Or an inVESTment. I'm an idiot.



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