Monday, July 11, 2011

A swapped 1990 stone belt and a blustery day

This 1990 vintage belt was undoubtedly the coolest thing I came home with from the clothing swap. It was originally bought at a vintage store in Florida and I'm told the stones are semi-precious...which explains why it weighs about 2 lbs. I feel like one of those high school girls who have to walk around with a pregnancy simulator for parenting class. But I digress. I really wanted to wear it ASAP so I stuck it over a blouse and skirt for work, but I think it would be fun worn lower on the hips with ripped jeans and a casual tank top. Any other ideas?

My wedges are a demonstration of how I wear things *to death*. The diamond-shaped piece of material was originally covered in mini amber discs that shimmied as you walk. Of course, five years later they were falling off, creating unsightly little bald patches. So I summoned all my alteration abilities, grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped them all off. Impressive, non?

Skirt - Jus d'orange (also seen here)
Top -Yildizi (Vietnam)
Belt - Salena's Collection via clothing swap
Wedges - Anne Klein
Earrings - Thailand markets
Sunglasses - Boathouse
Windblown effect - all natural


  1. Amazing belt! What a great find :)

  2. I really love your sandals!

  3. your sandals are really cool!

  4. I think the sandals look really cool with the gems taken out and wowza that belt is amazing! I love how a belt can totally transform an outfit!

  5. The belt is gorgeous.....I'd happily give a little finger for that. :) Love unique belts and extra point if they have semi precious stones.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  6. I agree! this belt was a great snag! can't wait to see how else you remix it.

    I ended up inheriting quite a few new pieces from my cousin who came down during canada day. one thing I am now having trouble with is sorting! I feel like i am becoming a clothing pack rat!

  7. The statement accesories make this outfit very unique, you look very nice :)

  8. That belt is so fun. And I adore that you found a way to change up your shoes.

  9. That belt is so cool!! I love it ,what an awesome thing to get from a clothing swap. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. Wow, that belt is totally gorgeous! =)


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