Monday, July 04, 2011

A celebration of royal proportions


Will and Kate's visit to the capital was my personal excuse to dress up and wear a fascinator for the day. I was on Parliament Hill by 6:50am and got a spot fairly close to the gate leading up to the steps of Parliament. The crowd's festiveness and sense of patriotism were palpable, and an undercurrent of anticipation built as the grand old hands on the Peace Tower clock nudged towards 12:00. Jumbo screens followed the royal procession and the roars of the crowd. Will looked handsome in a sharp navy suit and Kate was resplendent in the same white Reiss dress she wore for her engagement portraits and a red Sylvia Fletcher fascinator adorned with maple leaves. I only caught a glimpse of Kate's hat as they walked the red carpet, but with a direct line of sight and a major zoom, I snapped a cute shot of them smiling at each other while they watched a series of performances by some very talented Canadian artists. The following day I was in Montreal for a bachelorette party and we completely randomly caught the procession driving down St. Denis as we walked out of the restaurant where we'd had dinner. But this time it was too dark for me to see them.

Back to Ottawa. In the evening, B and I hosted a party at our place. We rocked out to a DJ Tiesto show playing RIGHT BELOW US (shriek!!!) and again I was able to put my zoom to good use. The official celebrations ended with a fireworks show which we all watched through our living room windows. It was a Canada Day for the ages.

To my American readers - wishing you a very Happy Fourth of July!

Time-honoured Changing of the Guard ceremony

This was the crowd behind me

Seeing the Snowbirds/F18s fly over the Peace Tower 
brought a lump to my throat.

Royal Canadian (un)Mounted Police

Duke and Duchesse of Cambridge,
with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper off the right

DJ Tiesto show
My paparazzi skills put to good use

Watching the fireworks


Photo at the north end of the Canal, by the locks

Dress - H&M
Belt - ? (Australia)
Shoes - Thailand markets
Fascinator - La Vie en Rose
Bag - Roots
Sunglasses - Joe
Bracelet - Witchery


  1. ahhh you look so cute! And so jealous you were in the presence of Will and Kate!

  2. you look wonderful i that dress! its perfect for high tea : ) the fascinator Is so wonderful too!
    And that’s such a wonderful close up shot of Will and Kate…what great memories you will have of the day.

  3. How neat that you saw them so up close and personal! I didn't mosey downtown until 2 so they were long gone by that point! Great fascinator- who knew that La Vie on Rose sold fascinators!

  4. Wow that dress is so adorable!! :)
    And that is just so cool that you got to be sooo close to the duke and duchess of Cambridge! Seriously. You really could be good paparazzi!!

    Notes She Wrote

  5. Love the dress - and that fascinator is so fun!!

  6. you look very pretty! and i am loving the fascinator! :D

    <3, Mimi


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