Friday, April 15, 2011


I have a newfound love for light grey. It's a versatile colour that makes a great canvas for colourful accents, no matter what the season. Here I wore it with greens, pinks and purples. In the fall you could match it with aubergine, mustard or cranberry, or during the holidays with holly red or deep jewel tones.  

I added a menswear-inspired linen blazer with cuff detailing and brogues to a casual T-shirt and jeans for dress-down Friday at the office.

I've had a lukewarm relationship with this tweed skirt, which I bought when I was about 18. The unusual flare at the knee is more forgiving than a tighter style. I recently realized it's better paired with a light-coloured top, like this short-sleeved blouse with pin-tucking at the shoulders (an instant shape-enhancer). Normally oatmeal washes me out but this one has blush pink undertones that work with my fair skin. If you're not sure which colours suit you (and you can't be bothered to make the rounds at the mall), pick up a set of paint swatches and hold them against your skin in natural light.

I've gotten a lot of wear out of this sheath by swapping out the bolero jacket for a cardigan or blazer. I've also worn the bolero with dark skinny jeans, the boots seen here, and a white tank, but I'd like to find some more options for it. I picked a good day to dress up a little. I asked a gentleman who was chatting me up in the elevator to introduce himself...only to learn was our newly-arrived Big Boss. Hope that was not the career-limiting move it felt like immediately after. Seriously, why don't they circulate pictures of these people beforehand??

A white button-down, grey wool pants and black pumps are a neutral backdrop for colourful accessories like this multicoloured necklace, pink belt and leather flower brooches. Each flower is an individual brooch, so I can mix and match depending what I'm wearing (I also have mustard- and orange-coloured ones).

We're off to Mexico this weekend, but look out for upcoming photos from the sunny Mayan Riviera! Have a wonderful Easter xx


  1. I love your new post! Kat, you're doing such an awesome job with this. Totally worth my time to read through. :) Looking forward to the next post!


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