Monday, June 27, 2011

Salad on a Stick party appetizer

I attended a party where we were asked to bring an appetizer, but told to 'think outside the box'. Inspired by something similar I'd seen in a magazine, I decided to bring bite-sized salad on a stick. For my take on it, I threaded romaine lettuce, store-bought rotisserie chicken, bacon and mini cubes of Parmigiano Reggiano onto toothpicks. The dip was store-bought Caesar salad dressing, refreshed with squirt of lemon juice and some roasted garlic.

A variation on this is cherry tomatoes, mini bocconcini and basil leaves, served with an olive oil and balsamic dressing for dipping.


  1. Looks yummy!

  2. This is an absolutely brilliant appetizer idea! Salad is normally the antithesis of finger food, and I would never have thought of putting it on a stick, but now it seems completely natural. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. That is so creative and looks delish!!

  4. Mmm mmm good!Have you ever thought about having a catering business on the side? Your dishes are always so inspired!

  5. hi! i just found your blog and i really like we can follow each other if you want!


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