Saturday, June 04, 2011

Maxi dress layering

This outfit was borderline casual even for casual Friday at work but it was the first day that felt like summer and I was so excited to break out the first maxi dress I've ever owned that I thought f*%^ it. The neckline's pretty revealing and my hoodie is kind of sheer so I layered a white tank between the two.
A remix option is a denim jacket and flip-flops or a short, colourful knit shrug and bejewelled sandals.

I love the reflection of the stairs in my sunglasses in this shot.


Attentive readers will notice that my belt is upside down...

Maxi dress – Just for Wraps (Winners)
White tank – RW & Co.
Hoodie – Calvin Klein outlet
Necklace – Vietnam markets (also seen here and here)
Belt – Thrifted (Nygard)
Sunnies - Boathouse
Earrings - Gifted
Sandals - Bandolino (Winners) (also seen here)


  1. Beautiful maxi- the first day of Summer deserves something special : )

  2. You look very sweet and beautiful dear! Lovely dress! :)

  3. I just run into your blog!
    It's great following you!!
    Check out mine I;d love your opinion!!

  4. I love your outfit! Your maxi skirt is gorgeous and I love how the necklace brings out the colour in it nicely.


  5. Your hair looks adorable pinned back like that and I LOVE this outfit on you- it doesn`t look casual at all to me! Great print on the dress and I love the red jewels!

  6. Great dress! You look beautiful
    xo Cara

  7. what an awesome skirt! love the contrasting colors! =)

  8. I LOVE That maxi! so pretty!

  9. Why IS your belt upside down? On purpose?


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