Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Polka dots for an outdoor wedding

I'm back! We had a wonderful trip, coming home well-rested, well-fed and in awe of the charms of Eastern Europe. Thank you again to my guest posters for your inspiring remixes while I was away.

I wore this outfit for the afternoon wedding of one of my university roommates last month, which took place on a sun-drenched golf course. I had thrifted my Laundry by Shelli Segal silk polka dot dress (a size too big but impossible to pass up!) over the summer and couldn't wait to wear it. I played it up with red lipstick, pearls, a white and gold belt, gold clutch and slingbacks. I didn't get it in any of the pictures, but I also wore a long, slim neutral blazer with gold buttons. A more dramatic look could be created by adding extra pearl necklaces of varying sizes, large dark sunglasses, a head scarf and short lace gloves. Complete this look with a convertible or speedboat.

Dress - Thrifted (Laundry by Shelli Segal)
Belt - Thrifted
Clutch - Gifted
Necklace and earrings - Gifted
Ring - Gifted from Coach
Shoes - Guess via Winners


  1. Welcome back! Glad you are well rested and relaxed after your vacation.

    You look so beautiful in this outfit! It's got a retro pin up girl look, without being over the top. Your curly hair is the perfect compliment to this outfit!

  2. The polka dots are both beautiful and perfect for an outdoor wedding!


  3. Welcome home. Your dress is gorgeous. I love how you styled it. That clutch is so pretty. I love your hair too. Very classic. OH, and the red lips!


  4. What a great thrifting find and a perfect wedding look- so classic and elegant! It doesn't look too big to me, but I bet the belt is really helping with that :)

  5. u look great!
    hey darling nice blog..i just subcribed..hope u subcribe back id love to comment some more ..
    take care

  6. That is such a pretty dress! And I love your clutch :D
    I want to go back to Europe....

  7. Oh my God Kat!! You look so elegant! Like a Hollywood star from the 50's!! I love this outfit! Sorry for not communicating much lately... I'll be back to being my cheerful self soon! Kisses :)

  8. I'm smitten with this dress, the polka dots are adorable and the dress looks amazing on you!! What a lovely find. Happy weekend. xo veronika

  9. Love this dress! And I love that it was from the thrift store! Thanks for visiting my blog and following!

    Lindsey Turner


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