Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Guest Post: sorelle in style's leather jacket remix

Kat: Still on the theme of family blogs, here are Jilly and Sally of sorelle in style. Not only do these ladies have a lust-worthy collection of designer accessories just crying out for a fashion blog (to which we say a collective thank you), but they're pros at high-low mixing. Don't you love the captions ('for date night') they created for each picture?

Ciao bellas! We're Jilly and Sally, two sisters and authors of the blog sorelle in style.  Even though we're sisters, we have very different styles, so when Kat asked us to do a remix post, we were thrilled!  In true sisterly fashion, we share everything - especially clothes. When we shop, sometimes we'll buy one item and share it - of course putting our own spin on it each time we wear it! Here's our latest purchase: a Forever 21 Leather Jacket. We've styled it up four different ways for four different occasions - we hope you enjoy!



  1. Great remix! It's amazing at how versatile a leather jacket can be. It's definitely a wardrobe staple. Love the shopping trip look!

  2. FAB!! But how is it that all you fab bloggers find such amazing pieces at F21? I've never even thought to shop there. I have to find one near me and go have a look.

    Nice to meet you guys!


  3. Hi ladies! Lovely to see you here, leather jackets are a must have for me during fall, love it with the long skirt, great tips!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. What a versatile item and I love how it's affordable yet stylish!

  5. Thanks, I needed this! I have a cute bomber jacket and had no idea how to wear it!

  6. Love this post, always liked articles like this in magazines :)


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