Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween colours

I've mentioned that skirts are one of my hardest items to shop for, but I've surprised myself on a couple of occasions recently. A 50% sale at a secondhand store in Bratislava was not where I expected to find not one but two skirts: this rust-coloured, tulip-shaped H&M one, and a wool-blend bright yellow knit skirt made in Italy (tip: clothing made in highly-developed countries tends to be of a higher quality. Checking the tag is good practice). I happily forked over five euros, said 'Dakujem!' - the extent of my Sloviakian vocab -  and prayed the airline wouldn't lose my luggage before I had a chance to wear them.

I meant to wear my jacket and scarf for the photos N took, so I ended up taking a few extra shots at home.  The jury's in: I suck at self-portraits. All the photos came out super-dark so I had to edit the brightness rather gratuitously. I have a new-found appreciation for others who take their own photos. I also suck at remembering to wear a dark bra under a black shirt, so this post comes with a side serving of wardrobe malfunction. Trick or treat!

Jacket - Danier Leather
Scarf - Gifted from Turkey
Skirt - Thrifted (H&M)
Turtleneck - Jacob
Tights - Winners 
Shoes - Lela Rose for Payless
Bag - Leo Monk
Necklace - Aakriti Designs (also here)
Earrings - Gifted

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  1. We love this great skirt paired with the all black! Your necklace is fabulous, as well as the scarf. This is a perfect fall outfit :)

  2. Great skirt. It's definitely office friendly. You have a nice and down-to-earth style. Glad I stumbled here.

  3. LOL I've done that wearing a light bra under a black shirt that I didn't realize was kind of sheer :P you live you learn ;)

    This is great outfit, I love the rust colour of that skirt!

  4. Haha I work for a lingerie store and still forget to wear dark bras under dark shirts- trick or treat indeed! I love the colour of your skirt- what a beautiful gift! Happy Halloween!

  5. I really like this one! I know I don't comment often, but I'm loving your blog!

  6. That skirt is a great color and reminds me of a Burberry on I gifted my mom- perfect for fall!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. I love this color combination!! Skirts are actually one of my favorite things to shop for, especially vintage because of the higher waist and smaller sizes :)
    I know what you mean about self-photos, I take all my own, usually one day a week (after I've tracked what I wore through the week, haha). My tip to you would be: take advantage of natural lighting! I take all my pictures outside these days because the ones I've taken inside ALWAYS SUCK! So, if you have the ability, give it a try outside :)

    Best Form of Flattery link-up is up and open through Sun, I hope you'll join again! Also, the new inspiration photo is up for next week so if I don't see you this week maybe I'll see you next!

  8. I love when an outfit looks amazing fully styled with scarf and jacket but also looks amazing sans those things. This is one of those looks that does that. Very lovely. That skirt is super cute.


  9. Your jacket, bag and scarf look perfect with your new skirt. Great fall outfit!

  10. love that skirt and the necklace is gorge too

    xo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  11. Lovely outfit, and did I read correctly a second hand store in BRATISLAVA! That's where I was born! I was actually there this past summer. Small world!
    Love K

  12. You got the colors right! Fall colors always excite me.. Loving the necklace by the way..

    Love! ~Angel

  13. you are a vision of autumn loveliness!


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