Sunday, June 08, 2014

Wedding programmes

Like our wedding invitations, our programmes were hand-crafted and designed as keepsakes. Once again I am hugely indebted to my 'stationery angel'! 

The only moment I remember getting a bit flustered during our wedding day was when we were about to leave for the church and I saw that the box with the programmes hadn't been sent ahead. They had taken ages to make and I couldn't bear the thought of them sitting unused. I quickly thrust the box into my dad's arms and somehow they made it to the church and were distributed pretty much as the ceremony started. Phew!


 The cover page had our names and the wedding date on textured card stock secured with brass brads (ha!). The damask paper and grey ribbon created continuity with the invitations.

The programme pages were alternating matte, shimmer and textured card stock cut to varying lengths.

The next two pages listed the names of our priest, parents/grandparents, musicians, readers, ushers and wedding party (and their relationship to us, e.g. friend of the groom). 

Since many of the guests on my side were unfamiliar with Catholic traditions, we included an outline of the ceremony. 

The last page was the most personal. We wanted to share the story of us, and say thanks to our parents and those in attendance. 


  1. Beautiful programs, glad you managed to not have them wasted!!

    Lovely messages to your parents, family and friends as well!

    I've seen some photos on facebook, what a beautiful bride :)

  2. So sweet- I cried reading the last page! beautiful


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