Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Groom's and groomsmen's attire

(This is the third post in my wedding series.)

Brad has an appreciation for men's fashion, so he took the reins in researching the menswear for the wedding. His seven groomsmen live in places as far flung as the Northwest Territories, so he limited the search to the big national rental chains. 

We agreed early on that light grey tuxes would be ideal given the spring season and our soft colour scheme. The bridesmaids were going to be in mismatched blush dresses, so we toyed with the idea of something like mismatched pocket squares or ties. In the end, I'm glad we decided on a more streamlined look. Their attire served as a neutral counterpoint to the girls' dresses (which will be the subject of an upcoming post!). 

When it came to the tuxes, we weren't able to find exactly what we wanted (at least available in Canada, damn you pinterest!). We compromised on a medium grey colour with black trim, in favour of the slim cut we were after. The style was the Black by Vera Wang two-button grey super 120s notch lapel. (Tip: Tip Top has a nice light grey style coming out this month, for any interested brides- and grooms-to-be.)  


Brad wore a grey vest and a matte black bow tie with the tux.

 The groomsmen wore black matte vests and ties. Don't they look sharp!!

 My dad rented the same style tux, but in a regular cut and an all-black colour.

Vendor review: Moores Clothing, Ottawa 
We rented the tuxes from Moores, using the Bank and Laurier location as our home store. Our sales associate, Rob, was excellent. The prices were pretty standard: around $200 for everything including shoes, with Brad's tux thrown in free of charge. I was genuinely impressed with the fit. Brad usually wears nicely tailored suits day-to-day for work, and I was worried this one would stand out as an ill-fitting rental. But he looked really handsome! Some of the groomsmen with a bigger build found the tux a little on the tight side, but they just avoided doing lunges and were fine :) In the whole order, there were one or two pieces that needed to be replaced, but that was done quickly. We appreciated the Monday - rather than Sunday - return. 


  1. Love it! The men all look so handsome.

  2. hey i was searching through yahoo and came upon your blog because i was searching for some pictures of the black by vera wang gray slim fit tuxedo. i was reading your blog about brad wedding and was wondering if you knew or could find out wat kind of vest he purchase to match the tux because im planning on purchasing the tux for my wedding also and i notice it doesnt come with the vest. i tried the email you have link on top but it didnt work so ill leave mines, hatchboi@hotmail.com any help would be appreciated...... thanks

  3. You’re very lucky, because some men will leave all the planning part to their bride. But Brad took over and even did some research for his own suit. It at least that's one thing off your shoulder. It was just disappointing that you weren't able to get the exact one you both wanted. It’s a good thing that the grey colored tux also looked great on the groom.

    Howard Crist @ Hidalgo Brothers

    1. Thank you! I didn't take Brad's help for granted. And we were thrilled with the look of the tux in the end.


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