Monday, June 16, 2014

Bridal jewellery and accessories

(This is the sixth post in my wedding series.)

I wanted my bridal jewellery to match the sophisticated and slightly vintage feel of my gown. Since the neckline of my dress was already elaborate, I decided on drop earrings to draw the eyes up, and a bracelet.



My parents bought the earrings during a trip to Switzerland and gave them to me as a Christmas gift. I stupidly threw out the box so I don't remember the brand, but if my parents still remember where they're from, I'll update the post. 

I'd read somewhere that if you wear your hair up, the earrings should be pretty from all angles. My parents told me they'd searched really hard to fit a pair that fit the bill (awwww). These have an open back so the light can shine through through the centre crystal, and a row of small crystals on the side. I took a couple of extra photos to show the exquisite workmanship. 


The bracelet was from BHLDN, Anthropologie's bridal sister store (Perle style, available here). They don't ship to Canada, so I had it sent to a friend in Cleveland, one of the many, many small acts of kindness shown by friends and family during the wedding planning. The bracelet was an absolutely perfect match for the pearl and crystals sewn onto the gown's bodice. 

Wedding bands

We bought our wedding bands at the same store where Brad got my engagement rings, Goldstream Jewellers in Pembroke, Ontario. I wear mixed metals in my day-to-day life, so I wanted a wedding band that incorporated both white and yellow gold and some diamonds. It was the owner who suggested the criss cross style, which I immediately fell in love with.

Brad's band was also mixed metal, brushed white gold with a strip of high gloss yellow gold in the middle. His band narrows towards the outside edges, making for a more classic style and a comfortable fit. 


I didn't want the expense of new shoes for the wedding, so I wore a pair of Nine West Outlet rose gold sandals I already owned. An initial attempt to bedazzle them with pearl stick-ons looked juvenile, so I bought a jewelled headband from Aldo Accessories (Weast style, seen here), cut it to size and glued it along the toe strap. 

My Mom bought me sparkly white toms for dancing. 

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My clutch was also something I already owned, but honestly I barely used it on our wedding day.

Vendor review: Goldstream Jewellers, Pembroke
We were thrilled with our experience at Goldstream. Brad's father knows the owner so we knew her advice would be trustworthy. This store represents everything that's wonderful about small towns: genuine and friendly service, unpretentious surroundings, and a true commitment to the product. The owner, Carrie, and I had a long discussion about our mutual passion for ethically-sourced diamonds. Even Canadian-mined diamonds are often sent overseas for cutting and polishing and Carrie only works with partners who can trace the product throughout the supply chain. She didn't rush us, gave us thoughtful feedback and was a pleasure to work with. Unlike the large jewellers, they are closed on Sundays, but their pricing is very fair. I highly, highly recommend them!


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