Tuesday, April 15, 2014

OK then!

When I saw an outfit posted by Laura over at The Blog of Worldly Delights back in January, where she combined two jewel tones to lovely effect, I knew I wanted to try something similar (see Laura's outfit here). While this is clearly more of a winter silhouette, these colours would look fantastic in summer set against a deep tan. *Sigh*.

One of the disadvantages of taking selfies at home (beyond my inability to shepherd good lighting or photo quality) is that most of my shoe collection resides at work. I'll just say I wore this outfit with gold print ballerina flats, and it looked cute, mm-kay?

In my last post with this skirt, I talked about the immigrant cleaner in our building who replies 'OK' to pretty much anything. I discovered months later that he's from Haiti and has mastery of our other national language. I humbly realized I should have been addressing him in French all along! I get much longer replies now, but still punctuated with that infectious throaty laugh. Awesome.


Skirt - DKNY via outlets (most recently here)
Turtleneck - Banana Republic (also here)
Necklace - Road Trip

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  1. You ALWAYS look great even when I can't see your shoes! ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewel tone ensemble! And that necklace ;)


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