Monday, November 18, 2013

Braids and brogues

These are the last of my Euro-photos, and the only ones in an actual work outfit. Mixing masculine and feminine pieces is a recurring look for me; it makes me stand a little straighter (other examples here, here and here).

Since I knew I'd be travelling between meetings by metro and through parks, I went the sensible route with flats. And I have this weird thing against skirts and flats, hence the pants. A French braid, an oversized multi-strand pearl necklace and deep rose lipstick were the feminine counterpoints to patent and brass brogues and light grey wool trousers. 


Blazer - Calvin Klein
Pants - Theory via outlets
Brogues - Libby Edelman
Necklace - Road Trip
Earrings - Steelex
Glasses - Marc O'Polo
Watch - Kenneth Cole
Bag - Leo Monk


  1. Great mix of masculine and feminine! Your hair looks great too!

  2. Those brogues are pure LOVE, Kat. I think they are so awesome! I've been pining for a pair of mine for a while now but can't decide whether or not I want them in a neutral, pastel, or bright shade! AND how adorable is your french braid?

  3. I have to say, I don't think your thing against skirts and flats is as odd as you think. Although I do do it on occasion, if I'm in a rush to get somewhere that I can later change into heels, it's definitely not what I consider a flattering look. Besides, if you're going to go for a menswear look, why not go all the way and do brogues and trousers? Yours are a perfect match, and the pearls add just the right touch of femininity to the look :)

  4. you really have a classical chic elegant style kat! you're rocking the french braid, statement necklace, dynamite bag, and cute black shoes.


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