Friday, November 15, 2013

A little bit of New York in Brussels

I wanted to get another set of 'off-duty' photos in, even if it mean resorting to nighttime pictures once my work responsibilities were done for the day. I adjusted the brightness afterwards so my outfit didn't look like one big black blob. It was a damp and chilly evening  so I took a cue from New Yorkers and piled on monochromatic layers, plus my grey-and-black zebra print scarf seen peeking out of the bag.

Further down is a picture of one half of Grand-Place/Grote Markt in Brussels, the city's central square and ground zero for any visitor to the city. As you can see, it's spectacularly lit up at night. Brussels gets a bad rap within Europe and even within Belgium for being boring, something I've also heard ad nauseam about Ottawa. But I think it's got its own charms, plus great food. Mussels, beer, waffles, fries or chocolate anyone? 

There's an unspoken 'social pact' with my work team that whenever someone travels, they have to bring back treats. I'm still learning to choose amongst a plethora of brands. I picked up Dolfin chocolate for my immediate team and Marcolini for an overworked administrative coordinator who often lends a helping hand, and is also a die-hard chocoholic. Plus a few for me :)



Blazer - Banana Republic
Dress - ? (bought in a store in Bratislava)
Leggings - Gap
Belt - Ralph Lauren via consignment store
Boots - Blondo 
Bag - Leo Monk


  1. You look straight out of a fashion magazine! I love the all black look even though I never do it, which I need to change!

  2. Oh I LOVE your outfit! The monochromatic look totally suits you. I'm never drawn to it personally but it always looks great.

  3. kat, you look very chic in your black ensemble. i am longing to try that chocolate. :)

  4. I am in love with this monochromatic look. You look so sleek and chic, Kat! I especially LOVE the texture of the belt against it all! AND who could resist chocolate?


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