Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fennel and green apple salad

I came up with this salad on a whim after a few days of having a fennel bulb stare up at me from my fridge crisper. Out of curiosity, I later googled some of the ingredients. It turns out variations of this salad exist online, but I'm still giving myself some credit! Nuts are an option; I'd thought of adding pistachios but couldn't be bothered to de-shell them. I had leftover salad the next day and found it tasted even better once the vinaigrette had had time to be absorbed. So I would recommend making this a couple of hours in advance of serving if possible.

Combine one chopped fennel bulb, one peeled, cored and chopped green apple (I'm allergic to unpeeled raw apples; leaving the skin on is more nutritious), 3 stalks chopped celery and a large handful of raisins. 

To make vinaigrette, vigorously whisk 1T walnut oil, 2T cider vinegar and 1T honey. Season to taste.

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  1. Kat, your recipes always have me salivating. This one looks especially refreshing and healthy. I am going to try this, but leave the raisins out because I hate them...LOL It still looks yummy:-)


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