Friday, October 12, 2012


I know, I know, cougars don't have spots. (Actually, I didn't. I google imaged to check). But I felt a bit like that other kind of cougar when I wore this to a bar that, in my university years, was known for its older crowd. As if I wasn't sufficiently aware of the passage of time, a rumour also got started that it was my birthday, so several strangers came up to wish me well. I even wound up with a Birthday Girl button pinned to my shirt. Sometimes it's best just to roll with it...and knock back shots like it IS your big day.


(In an effort to redeem myself in the realm of animal kingdom knowledge, here is a picture of a leopard/cat mix. For real, they exist. One of my friends in university had one, a 15-pound kitten at the time. How freakin' crazy?!)


Shirt - Thrifted (Liz Claiborne)
Skirt - Zara
Necklace - Banana Republic
Tank - Winners
Earrings - Gift
Clutch - Gift
Shoes - Liz Claiborne via Winners


  1. natalija.yasmina-blog13 October 2012 at 00:37

    hrrrrr ^_^ gorgeous !!!!

    - ♥♥♥ -

  2. That blouse is fabulous...I totally feel cougarific whenever I wear leopard print too..haha

    Natasha ~

  3. Great look. You look super tall and thin! Love it.

  4. I just LOVE this blouse. I can't believe you found this while thrifting and I still cant believe that you had a friend who owned a real live that even legal? lol

  5. Holy cow, I did not know that you could get a cougar and a cat to um, you know. I'm sort of stunned! (Not to mention, a 15 pound kitten/cougar? Crazy!)

    Love this outfit, it's simple and stylish, but still quite cool, thanks to the leopard printed top. I love that you wore the chunky gold jewely with this, chunky gold jewelry is a must with leopard print!


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