Saturday, September 08, 2012

Streamlined stripes

I'm making an effort to give items I don't often wear a chance by purposely building an outfit around them, like this sleeveless blouse. I thought the stripes and colour scheme called for a modern, streamlined look. I added a black pencil skirt with exposed zipper, simple black envelope purse, wedge sandals with bold black elastic straps and glass-bead necklace. I wore my hair straight and kept my makeup simple.


Top - Charter Club (Hand-me-down)
Skirt - Zara
Purse - Marie Claire
Sandals - Bandolino
Necklace - RW & Co.
Ring - Reitman's


  1. Kat this sleeveless blouse is beautiful on you, glad you made it the focus of your outfit! The colour of your nail polish is such a great fall hue, I need to unpack my bottles so I can start painting :)

  2. It's fantastic to switch your look once in a while. The pencil skirt worked beautifully. Nice outfit.
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  3. What a great idea. And a great outfit!

  4. kat you are a classic beauty! it looks effortlessly stylish & chic. :)


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