Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sand dollar

Two weeks ago, we held a bachelorette for one of my besties, M, at a cottage generously lent to us by friends of her in-laws-to-be, on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. I was told ‘and by cottage we mean house’. When I got there I realized ‘and by house we mean mansion’. Between games, drinking and lots of laughter I ogled everything from the Viking professional range in the kitchen to the walk-THROUGH closet in the master bedroom. The sandy backyard and earthy colours made the perfect backdrop for a set of blog photos taken by another of my besties, L (thanks darling!).

While this abode was breath-taking, I had an equally great time at the much humbler cottage B and I rented an hour south of there, in Grand Bend. Nothing says summer like canoeing, swimming, picnicking, BBQing…and reproducing the Corona commercial in a beach photo.

Top – Consigned (Max & Co.)
Shorts – Forever 21
Belt – Buckle via Pac Sun
Bikini – Victoria’s Secret
Sunglasses – Boathouse
Earrings – Walmart


  1. Closet Fashionista22 July 2012 at 13:08

    Ooh love that outfit! It looks so comfy :D

  2. wow kat, you're looking sexy, as usual! that looks & sounds like one fantastic mansion & good time with your friend. :) the photo of my husband & i, that you think looks more candid, is because we used a tripod & timer. so our eyes were both closed, & we hadn't kissed yet, when the camera snapped the photo. i share nearly all my art journal pages, but NOT my personal scribbled, crazy messy, private writing journals, which are in completely separate notebooks. however, i accidentally left one of my high school journals at my mom's house, when i moved out, in college. she told me she read part of it, & it was all about my break up with an ex-boyfriend. that was only one section. maybe that's all she read? she gave it back to me. i was mad, but what could i do about it? sometimes when i try to reread what i wrote, i can't figure it out, because my handwriting in them is that horrible.

  3. Whoo. Bachelorette party sounds like fun. You look so sexy in that top.
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  4. What a perfect beach sweater - love the laid back and chic vibe!


  5. Ahhh what a perfect outfit! I would like to borrow/steal that shirt I love it's holey goodnes! That cottage sounds quite amazing :)

  6. You look beautiful. Love that sweater so much.

  7. katie_quarterman27 July 2012 at 14:21

    Wow, Im a little frightened that they call that a cottage! It did make for a lovely backdrop, I love the beachy-ness of the open-weaved sweaster and the rolled cuff short. And ahhhhh, look at that wonderful sand!

  8. Whoa - looks like an insane 'cottage'!! Was that when you were in Grand Bend?
    Perfect outfit for a beach day!


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