Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let's talk about belts

If you haven't brought some belt love into your wardrobe, now's the time, and here's why. 

 1) You can build up a collection cheaply by thrifting your belts (as I did with most of the ones in this post). For those who aren't sold on thrift stores yet, belts are a good place to start. They're not a very squeamish item to buy and are usually clustered in one spot for an easier hunt.

2) They don't have to fit a conventional mold. My past 'belts' have included a tasseled string of pearls, a brooch pinned to a satin ribbon, a gold chain and a bow-tied silk scarf.

3) Multicoloured belts can can pull together disparate colours or highlight a colour in an outfit.  

4) Bold belts that make a statement on their own can really complete an outfit.

5) Belt loops should be seen as guidelines. You don't need them to add a belt to your outfit. 

6) Some items of clothing come with a belt in a matching colour and fabric. These can be swapped out for a low-commitment punch of colour.

7) Want to wear that floaty sundress into fall? Just add a belt and a blazer in a heavier texture and darker colour.

8) Not as adventurous? You can never go wrong with classic brown leather.


  1. kat, as soon as i saw your title, i said "Yes, let's talk about belts!" :) they are a fun accessory.

  2. You are so right about these. I like nonconventional mode type of belts.
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  3. This is amazing. I have sooo many belts that I don't quiet know how to 'use.' This is super helpful. Will be trying stuff on today and trying some out!

  4. Tammy @ Silverstyle15 July 2012 at 08:26

    Accessories to me make the outfit. That extra touch pulls it together. I to have thrifted all of my belts. From expensive wide to vinyl skinnies.
    Nice post!! Have a good week.

  5. I don't know how people survive that don't wear belts - they can completely change an outfit.

    My sister doesn't believe in Belts that 'serve no purpose' ie if they aren't holding up my pants, they aren't worth it. I think she's a nut job!

  6. I LOVE belts- they are probably one of my fave accessory and 90% of them were from the thrift store for under $2 each! I love how you used pearls and a scarf- very creative!


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