Thursday, May 03, 2012

Trend trial run: Denim on denim

Fun fact: Denim-on-denim is also referred to as the Canadian tuxedo. And yes there are places where this is true. (Actually, my top may be chambray, not denim, but I'm not really clear on the difference.) Either way, it's thanks to an unseasonably cold day in Brussels that I happened to pop into a thrift store for warmth and found this absolutely classic Ralph Lauren button-down for ₤5. It takes to washing, drying and ironing like a dream. *Sigh*

I've been looking to replace these non-stretchy (what was I thinking?!) skinny jeans which have grown too tight. I was shocked when a $13 of jeggings from Forever 21 fit me well.  That wouldn't even cover the tax on one or two pairs in my closet. And to keep up the momentum, I decided to finally give away these expensive but uncomfortable ballet flats, who found a home with N of A Fine Balance. No amount of padding or insoles have ever made them work with my narrow heels. Anyways, keep an eye out for them on her blog! 

Have any of you bought jeans at Forever 21? 


Shirt - Thrifted (Ralph Lauren)
Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - Thrifted (Nygard)
Scarf - Swapped
Watch - from my Dad's closet
Shoes - Elie Tahari via Winners

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  1. I love this double denim look with the colorful scarf, so chic!

  2. This outfit is great! The scarf is the perfect addition.
    Forever 21's jeans are surprisingly so comfy!

  3. kat, those jeans fit you perfectly! i think i need a pair. i wonder if they'll look hideous on me though. anyway, good for you, for getting rid of things that didn't work in your closet. i prefer heels to ballet flats, because i often find the flats uncomfortable, as well. i like your chambray on denim look. :)

  4. this jeans on jeans look is really chic, the jeans fits you perfectly, and shows off your slim silhouette and nice curves. I haven't bought any jeans from Forever 21, I think yours is a great buy. The colorful scarf is a nice pop of color


  5. What a lovely chilled out look! I wish I could style a shirt and scarf like you have- I just look a mess!
    I've only bought tops from F21- when I looked at the jeans, they look far too tight for me- I can't cope with skinny jeans, something about getting them on seems too ficcult!- it's got to be bootcut or flares!

  6. Ow ow these jeggings look beautiful on you- they fit like a glove! Love how you tied the scarf and were able to make a Canadian tuxedo look fashionable!


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