Friday, May 18, 2012

Mint blouse

One of life's little pleasures is discovering that something you bought years ago is suddenly trendy. Or double-trendy, in the case of this tie-front, mint-hued silk blouse I bought from Old Navy seven years ago. I think I originally paid $35 and it has more than earned its keep.

Since my dress takes its cues from menswear, I decided to wear the blouse underneath for a feminine touch. I've also worn the dress on its own with killer jewellery and stilettos, and here with a blousy bat-wing top underneath to create 'sleeves'.

Tell me - Have you found any suddenly on-trend oldies in your closet this year? What other little fashion-related pleasures do you enjoy?

Dress - RW & Co. (also here)
Shirt - Old Navy (also here)
Blazer - Thrifted (Urchin) (also here)
Tights - Costco
Shoes - Swapped (Forever 21)
Earrings - Gift
Bracelets - Joe Fresh


  1. Kat you look so stunning and feminine in your now trendy minty blouse and gorgeous heels. Love this outfit on you. About the spray paint...I layered many coats. I hope that is doesn't chip. Hope all is well with you, darling. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. kat, this is office apparel with sass & class! how fun that you rediscovered something in your own closet. :)

  3. incredibles ideas and this blog is full of style!

  4. I really like this outfit, I'm always a fan of blouses under dresses and the tie of the blouse looks so adorable peeking out of the dress. :) (HUGE fan of anything with a menswear vibe, this is such a beautifully cut dress!) And your hair looks so lovely!

  5. I love rediscovering things hidden in my closet! That mint blouse is a gem :) both the colour & bow are in trend this season too!

  6. There are certain things in my closet I like to keep around because I know they'll come back in at some point. And certain things I've given away and regretted as soon as they're back around.:)

  7. Woohoo sexy Kat! I love pussy bow blouses (having just worn one) and it's fun when something you bought/thrifted years ago is now trending. That mint colour is divine!

  8. I can't believe your top is from old navy1 I really love it! I used to be someone who did a spring clean every few I have trouble partign with things because who knows if its going to come back in style....its becoming a problem lol.
    and those bangles...its hard to believe they are from joe fresh.

  9. I've been looking for a blouse in that mint color. Still haven't found the perfect one. Yours is gorgeous. Loving that sheath as well.


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