Friday, March 30, 2012

Funky urban

This post is for B's coworker G, an incredibly sweet woman who's also been a steady supporter of a second glance from its earliest days. G is attending the Juno Awards (for Canadian music) on Sunday night. The dress code is 'funky urban', and she asked me to write about how I'd interpret this.

In my opinion, you'd want to show some sass and plenty of individuality. This is not black-tie; you don't have to be too formal. Here are some ideas to consider:
- Bright, saturated colours
- Eye-catching, bold jewellery
- Architecturally-shaped clothing
- An outrageous bag or shoes
- Texture of any kind (fur, leather, mesh, sparkle)
- Layered prints
- Hair accessories (brooches, fedoras, hair scarves, beanies)
- Two-toned or patterned nails
- Look-at-me makeup or hair
- Short fingerless gloves etc.

For those whose style tends to veer classic, this dress code may require stepping out of your comfort zone. But it's important to be confident in whatever you wear, even if that means only picking up on one or two of the ideas above, as I did with my purple tights (which are a lot brighter than they appear in the photos) and beanie. However, for bolder looks, you could seek inspiration from celebrities like Miroslava Duma, Solange Knowles or Rihanna...


If those of you reading this have any other ideas or links to inspiration photos for G, leave them in the comments section! For this post, I'm linking up with Silverstyle's Trending Through the Decades - Brights edition and Spunky Chateau's Thursdays are for Thrifters Link Party


Dress - Forever 21 (also here and here)
Tank - Hand-me-down (Sharagamo)
Jacket - Thrifted (New Look)
Beanie - Pins and Needles via Winners
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Le Chateau
Earrings - Witchery
Watch - Kenneth Cole


  1. Wow, Funky Urban. I had to think about this, the first thing that came to mine was baggy, lowslung pants and lots of chains. A awesome military jacket or cargos with a super bright top might work.
    That aside, I really like this! (Your hat is crazy cute.) I love how you left the shirt untucked, it really works with that beautiful leather jacket.

  2. oooo kat, i think you nailed the funky urban look! i adore this's all about the accessories.. great descriptions & choices. maybe we'll get to see what G ends up choosing. if she's not too shy, of course. ;)

  3. Wow! This is wonderful. I love the selection of out fits especially yours'.

  4. i like your funky urban inspiration pictures...i am not the funky sort but i get inspired by looks like these. I like your interpretation as well...i think it's definitely more like something I would makes an impression without being too loud


  5. I love our suggestions girl :)
    And your outift is super cute too. Nice beanie :)

  6. I think all of these looks would definitely be great for the Juno awards! You look fantastic! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  7. Right on! You look great - those warm colors look fantastic on you. I found your blog through Silverstyle and I'm following! :)


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