Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Faux fur accent

During my trip to Brussels last month, I came across a great thrift store chain called Episode with stores in several European cities. They sell pieces brought in as is, but also craft their own items using castoffs. Think leather jackets into miniskirts, scarves into wired hair wraps and faux fur coats into collars like the one seen here. I spent an hour perusing the racks, equally entertained by the clothing selection and the giddy gay couple beside me belting out Madonna tunes as they tried on everything from bow ties to mesh vests. I also bought a hair wrap and a dressy scarf for B, bringing my clothing expenditure on moi to a total of $28 since Christmas. (I'm not including replacement of my 2-year-old running shoes - you're all with me on this, right?!)

Speaking of footwear, I tried two shoes with this outfit. I think I'm partial to the heels but the flats are certainly more practical. After this post, these pants made their way into N's closet. Sadly, the cut gives me baggy bum syndrome despite efforts to conceal it in the photos. We both agreed they had to go, and and were both happy to discover they suit N. But the heels are hers from a clothes swap, so we came up even!


Shirt - Swapped (Club Monaco)
Cardigan (Veronika Maine) (last seen here)
Pants - Mexx (last seen here)
Faux fur collar - Thrifted in Brussels
Brown flats- Elie Tahari via Winners
 Grey pumps - Swapped (Forever 21)
Bracelet - Le Chateau
Earrings - Walmart
Brooch (in hair) - Thrifted
Glasses - Marc O'Polo

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  1. Seekingstyleblog14 March 2012 at 13:33

    The fur collar really brings the outfit together - nice look!

    xo Jennifer

  2. that store sounds so cool! i wish we had something like it here in california. ;)

    p.s. i loooove the brooch on your hair!

    <3, Mimi
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  3. you're so lucky to have someone around who's your size!

    I love the fur collar, especially with that cardigan :)

  4. I love the fur collar, it looks so lux and soft. (Sooo soft!) And I adore the brooch in your hair, it is so stylish and chic, it really amps up the vibe of the collar. (I really like this look, everything is so chic, I want to give the brooch in the hair a try now!)

  5. let's talk about your elegant accessories kat! clothing swap is a win, yes?

  6. Loving the faux fur accent! It adds glamour to any outfit! Love the color of your pumps as well!

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