Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Staying stylish at -30 C....

Leave it to N of A Fine Balance and I to choose the most bone-chillingly cold day of the year (-30C = -22F) for our first outdoor winter shots. The sun sets so early nowadays, it’s all but impossible to get natural light during the workweek. Luckily the sun was out that Saturday, its rays dancing on the snow blanketing the evergreens behind us. It literally and figuratively took my breath away :) I went for a slightly sporty look while N looked as elegant as ever.

The problem is that winter and fashion don’t always go hand-in-hand. Practicality always has a way of creeping into wardrobe decisions. 

Here are a few ways I try to up the style quotient in the cold:

- Spend the money for at least one good coat, socks, and footwear. I have four coats to get me through the season: this all-purpose weather-resistant puffer, a long wool coat that fits over a business suit, an elegant evening coat and a peacoat for errand-running in and out of heated shops. If you shop around and look for quality fabric and good workmanship, you don’t have to spend a lot. Two of mine were thrifted and one was clothes-swapped and re-buttoned. 

- These booties were trendy cheapies but my ski socks were enough to keep my feet toasty. For walking to work and back, I splurged on a pair of lace-up Blondo Snowtrails (similar ones here). 

- I stick to classic colours and styles for coats, which I keep for years, but have fun with the accessories.

- When it comes to hats, I look for wool fabric lined with fleece, which won’t itch. I make sure one hat is loose enough to wear over blowdried hair and keep its shape. For small heads like mine, try shopping the kids’ section. Earwarmers are good for warmer days.

- Bulk on top is unavoidable, so I balanced things out with textured knit tights on the bottom – layered over sheer tights for extra warmth.

What are YOUR tips for staying stylish in cold climes?

Coat - Coupé via Winners
Hat - Barts
Scarf - RW & Co. (GWP)
Gloves - AuClair via Winners
Booties - Sirens
Dress - H&M
Turtleneck - Jacob
Socks - ? 
Tights - Winners
Necklace - ? (Australia)
Purse - Danier Leather


  1. I am thoroughly impressed at your efforts to stay stylish despite the cold. Your efforts were definitely not wasted.

  2. NICE SHOES!! it's hard to stay stylish with a very cold weather...and yet you did well!


  3. Sirens has really cute booties- I love this pair! You look adorable- I love the striped dress and the jacket looks oh so warm! This is the year I must invest in a warm jacket and boots!

  4. Your average person does NOT look this cute in a puffer coat. You look so freakn' cute in this jacket I just want to run up and give you the biggest hug.

    That sweater dress is really cute. The boots look cozy and amazing. Layering tights? What a great idea.


  5. kat, you are so cute! you look very stylish indeed. i can't decide if the hat, the necklace, the socks or the boots are my favorite thing, meaning i like everything! so glad i live in texas, & don't have to deal with snow anymore. you can have it. hey, i lived in the rocky mountains for a long time. i'm familiar with snow. ;)

  6. Oh I always wish it would snow out here, it looks beautiful out there. You definitely pull of the the warm/cozy look while still being stylish! I'm so glad you liked the interior/fashion post I did on my blog, it's actually been awhile since I have done know but now I have one in the works.

    xo erica

  7. That coat is really cute, and I love your dress and shoes!

  8. Your boots are really adorable! And I love your tip for layering tights, great idea!



  9. Kat, I am so happy to see you back. Thanks for dropping by darling. How are things? You look fantastic in this shoot. What a great dress/shirt. So glad to see you back, you are so lean, tall and pretty. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  10. You look so warm and ADORABLE! Love those shoes!

  11. you look adorable! i love the coat, the boots are amazing, and i love the pop of color with your fun hat! stay warm!

  12. Wow, can't believe you took your jacket off on such a cold day! I'd have been freezing. I really depend on layering to keep me warm here in Ottawa, I had on two pairs of socks and tights on my walk to work this morning haha.

  13. Ah, the joys of being a blogger in cold weather! I face the same thing, our adverage temps up here are -20 to -60 below, so you just have to suck it up if you want decent lighting. (-50 is my cut off, its just not worth it after that. And it take forever to get all the layers off.)

    I love your cute outfit, you do look very sporty! Quite adorable. ^_^

  14. Thanks for your comment! I love the joy expressed through these pics! also I like very much your outfit!!


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